Mostly Robot On Camera

Native Instruments presents behind-the-scenes video of electronic supergroup      20/07/12
Native Instruments has released a brand-new video of Mostly Robot, the all-star band made up of Jamie Lidell, Tim Exile, Jeremy Ellis, Mr Jimmy and DJ Shiftee. Conceived by Native Instruments and utilizing an advanced array of NI hardware and software, Mostly Robot played their debut performance at this year's Sónar Festival in Barcelona. NI says that this new video covers both the actual performance and preparation of the show, blending interviews with exclusive backstage and performance material, and giving viewers the opportunity to witness the birth of this modern supergroup firsthand. Coinciding with the launch of this video, Native Instruments has announced new concert dates for Mostly Robot in Europe at the end of the summer, where the band will share stages with the crème-de-la-crème of electronic music. As with their debut show, the live performance will be accompanied by an inventive visual performance by renowned visual collective Pfadfinderei.
  • September 8th, 2012: Berlin Festival at Night with other acts such as Modeselektor, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinousaurs, Simian Mobile Disco
  • September 13th, 2012: Electronic Beats Festival Budapest with other acts such as Junior Boys, Nicolas Jaar, Modeselektor
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PromotionalG    Said...

Do any of these guys have any real talent or are they just button pushers? All they do is playback samples the entire show. Boring !!!!

20-Jul-12 12:39 PM

mullet joe    Said...

It is like the founders of the hair club for men decided to start a band.

20-Jul-12 03:34 PM

twitchy    Said...

I actually thought that they were pretty kool. 'Ain't nothing wrong with being a musician/artist (creative and flexible), with the tools that more the sounds and the lights 'go'. Imagine if decide to change up the content, '…a whole other thing….'

Nothing wrong with that. 'sounds like they're doing there thing..

20-Jul-12 09:03 PM

dnl.    Said...

Agreed. Button pushers. There all very talented but with NI pulling the trigger what do you expect. But yea, midi gear like that is getting to be boring and artificial. lets see a super band with some arp 2600's and linn drums. That would be something to see.

23-Jul-12 01:03 AM

jackoffalltrades    Said...

does not take much to wow that crowd. this is like new easy listening stuff.

23-Jul-12 08:29 AM

twitchy    Said...

We need more artist/musicians doing similar things-with deeper programming synthesis and innovations, but on a public platform (like this venue, another festival, tv music vids….). This would certainly draw a better comparison, and EVEN further music creation/innovation. At least far better than us writing little comments 'Shame, Shaming" other bands, and us NOT producing and publicly displaying our music, to then be part of the debate, on a similar scale and platform.

All that said, 'jackofalltrades', yeah, this format can sometimes be equated to, 'easy listening' for the modern-day, early 21st century hipster-listener


I mean, sheeesssh, people don't even dance at these particular types of concerts anymore. However, I suppose that band isn't actually as interested in making artistic, innovative dance-music, as much as they are interested in making artistic electronic music

23-Jul-12 01:30 PM

twitchy    Said...

mostly robot - its light on the innovation but incredibly artistic.

23-Jul-12 03:18 PM

twitchy (of ole)    Said...


I didn't say that!!!!

3.18pm twitchy's point of view. NOT the original Twitch.

(or at least the one in this thread…)

24-Jul-12 10:42 PM

dnl    Said...

Just got finished watching another interview with them via future music . It breaks down there rolles person by person in great detail. I was however very impressed with there routing skills and what have you. Simple. But what sucked about it was that each one of them sounded like they were over justifying there prerformence role. that it was harder than it looked. It was sad. Until (one of my heroes mind you) Jamie L says he hates this stuff.( computer NI bassed triggering)! It's hard to choke down this was a marketing ploy for Native. But what ever, it's a good ploy. I would also like to say that I am not bashing these people, and can't prove my self yet to the world because the D.S.I Tempest is a huge time sucker( in a good way) .

03-Aug-12 04:29 PM

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