DP8 Is Here

MOTU Digital Performer 8 represents a major upgrade for the DAW      28/09/12

DP8 Is Here

MOTU is now shipping Digital Performer version 8, a major upgrade to their flagship audio workstation software. Significant new features include 64-bit operation, a new video playback engine, Punch Guard™ confidence recording, 17 new included plug-ins, 15 new user interface themes, and new plug-in management features. Jim Cooper, MOTU Director of Marketing, told Sonic State, "Digital Performer 8 is a must-have upgrade, especially for anyone using -- or moving to -- a 64-bit operating system. Plus, it's absolutely packed full of inspiring new plug-ins, cool new themes, and useful features you'll use every day."
Here's more details in MOTU's own words:
17 new plug-ins
Version 8 ships with 17 new plug-ins, including two new classic guitar amp models, a bass cabinet model, several classic guitar pedals, modeled analog delay, a multi-band dynamic equalizer, a precision delay, a de-esser, the Subkick™ kick drum enhancer, and Springamabob™, a modeled vintage spring reverb processor.
New video engine
DP8's new video engine allows full-screen viewing of full 720 or 1080 HD video clips on a primary or secondary computer monitor, or on a conventional HDMI or SDI video monitor connected to a MOTU video interface such as the HD Express or HDX-SDI. The movie window can be easily popped in and out of the consolidated window, and the movie audio track can be routed to aux faders for mixing and processing, without the need to extract the audio.
15 new themes
Digital Performer's Themes allow users to change the entire look of the software with one click. DP8 adds 15 new themes, including "Hi-Fi", "Arctic", and "None More Black".
Version 8 feature highlights
  • Cross platform -- Supports Windows 7 and Mac OS X.
  • Native 64-bit operation -- Takes full advantage of 64-bit operating systems.
  • VST / Rewire support -- On both Mac and Windows for easy project exchange.
  • New video engine -- Supports full-screen video, 720/1080 HD, and MOTU video hardware monitoring.
  • Punch Guard™ confidence recording -- Captures extra time before and after punch points.
  • 17 new plug-ins -- From meticulously modeled guitar tones to world-class mastering plug-ins...
  • 15 new themes -- Artistically crafted UI designs including Hi-Fi, Arctic, and None More Black.
  • In-line control panel -- Conserves precious screen real estate.
  • Multi-format plug-in management -- Organize, manage, and quickly search for plug-ins in multiple formats.
Pricing and Availability:
Digital Performer 8 is now shipping for Mac OS X. The Windows version is in final testing and will be available soon to all registered DP8 users. Pricing remains the same, as follows:
Full version: $795
Competitive upgrade: $395
AudioDesk upgrade: $395
Upgrade from previous version: $195
Registered users can upgrade directly from the MOTU web site.
Users of competing products can purchase the DP8 Competitive Upgrade at the MOTU web site or from any authorized MOTU reseller.
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