Jordan Rudess Microphone Endorsement

Dream Theater keyboardist teams up with JZ Microphones      14/01/13

Jordan Rudess Microphone Endorsement

JZ Microphones has announced that american progressive metal band Dream Theater keyboardist / multi-instrumentalist Jordan Rudess has joined their ranks.

Jordan had this to say, "I spend my life working on getting the exact sounds that I want, whether it's coming from my Steinway grand, Harpejji or my world of synthesizers. The JZ Black Hole BH-1 microphones meticulously capture the sounds that I create. I'm a believer !"

Here's the JZ press statement:

Jordan Rudess is a man who needs little introduction. As the virtuosic keyboard player for progressive metal band Dream Theater, Jordan has worked with many other artists including David Bowie, Steven Wilson, Enrique Iglesias, Tony Williams, Jan Hammer and the Paul Winter Consort. He also owns the successful App development company Wizdom Music, creators of MorphWiz -"Best Music Creation App" Billboard Music App Award.

JZ Microphones are happy to unveil also artist appearances for NAMM 2013. Everybody is welcome to visit JZ Microphones booth #6946 and have a little chat with our most respectable clients:


  • Jan 24 – 3 pm - RAFA SARDINA - Engineer/Producer and 11 Grammy Winner
  • Jan 25 – 1 pm - BRYAN CARLSTROM - Engineer/Producer - Alice in Chains, The Offsprings
  • Jan 25 – 1.30 pm - BARRY RUDOLPH - Mix Magazine, Music Connection, MI Institute
  • Jan 25 – 3 pm - STEVE STEVENS – Guitar with Billy Idol, Michael Jackson
  • Jan 26 – 11 am - JORDAN RUDESS – Dream Theater
  • Jan 26 – 3 pm – ERIC BASS – Shinedown
  • Jan 26 – 4 pm – THOM RUSSO – Engineer/Producer and 13 Grammy Winner

JZ Microphones  was established in 2007 in Riga, Latvia, by designer and jeweler Juris Zarins, capitalizing upon 20 years of experience restoring vintage Neumann, AKG, and Telefunken microphones. After being involved in the creation of the original BLUE and Violet Design microphone lines, designer Juris Zarins decided to redirect his experience and passion into his own line of handcrafted recording microphones. JZ Microphones combine patented capsule technology, precision electronics and innovative industrial design, and all models are handcrafted in Latvia under the direct supervision of Juris Zarins.

More information:


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