WNAMM13: Arturia Redefines The Drum Machine

Arturia announces the launch of SparkLE Creative Drum Machine      24/01/13
WNAMM13: Arturia Redefines The Drum Machine

Arturia has announced the launch of SparkLE Creative Drum Machine, its newest hybrid beat production centre which they say 'redefines the drum machine'. They tell us that it combines intuitive hardware hands-on control with software strength and integration. Here's the rest of what Arturia has to say...

Quite simply, SPARK Creative Drum Machine revolutionised hands-on beat-making by cleverly combining TAE® (True Analog Emulation) synthesis, sample playback (with multiple layering modes and post-processing), and physical modelling technologies with the intuitive workflow of a hardware drum machine upon its June 2011 launch; today, SparkLE Creative Drum Machine joins its bigger brother to take this concept to the masses in an all-new, ultra-portable package at a takeaway price point that's tough to beat (€249.00 EURO/$299.00 USD).

The solidly-constructed, super-slimline SparkLE Creative Drum Machine hardware measures a mere 1.6cm in depth and comes complete with a handy neoprene slipcase to take your beats to the streets with that 'real instrument feel' so many other controllers clearly lack. With it comes direct access to all the features needed to create patterns, write automation, and perform live.

SparkLE Creative Drum Machine serves up classic 'TR-style' workflow via its brightly backlit step sequencer buttons, while a musical platter of bangin' beats can quite literally be banged out using its eight velocity- and pressure-sensitive backlit pads. Stunning live performances are a breeze thanks to the advanced Looper and beat-slicing functions, while beats can be transformed on the fly with the touch-sensitive FX pad that features eight filter modes (including the famed Oberheim SEM V filter featured in Arturia's acclaimed Oberheim SEM V soft synth namesake) and seven Slicer modes. Three assignable encoders ease writing automation and realtime sound control. More musical still, TUNE mode permits playing sounds chromatically across those 16 step sequencer buttons or eight pads -- try having the kick drum follow the bass root note for truly trouser-flapping lows, play a synth bass/lead sound, or transform percussion sounds into pitched instruments... it's all there for the hands-on taking!

Software-wise, SparkLE Creative Drum Machine makes use of the same full-featured Spark Engine software shipping with the original SPARK Creative Drum Machine. It includes an awesome library of over 1,500 instruments and 100 kits, providing top-notch, professional sounds covering a variety of dancefloor-friendly genres and stylings, ever-expandable with Arturia add-ons (like the Hip Hop Essentials and DubStep Essentials Expansion Packs).

Priced to go, there has never been a better time than now to add a little sparkle to your rhythmic creativity with SparkLE Creative Drum Machine!

Pricing and Availability:
SparkLE Creative Drum Machine will be available to purchase from the Arturia online store  or any dealer for €249.00 EURO/$299.00 USD from mid-March 2013.

More information:



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Chris    Said...

Very creative concept, super sound....

24-Jan-13 07:55 PM

Steviee    Said...

Hey, this sounds good you be able to pick one up for $255.00 street!

24-Jan-13 08:53 PM

You know who...    Said...

At first I wasn't interested, but after watching the video I can see how fun this will be. I've also got to hand it to Arturia for their great sound! Now if they just had nicer customer service...

25-Jan-13 02:22 AM

Andy    Said...

Arturia has redefined the drum machine as a control surface borrowing the design from Teenage Engineering?

25-Jan-13 07:19 AM

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