WNAMM13: CME Mini USB Keyboard With Poly Aftertouch - Video

XKey Full size keys and poly aftertouch      26/01/13

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Winter NAMM 2013 - CME XKey

CME have been quiet of late, but thanks to a tip off from MIDIFan, our Chinese friend we went to take a look at something special they'd just announced.

CME Ceo Zhao Yitian gave us a look at their new class compliant portable, slimline USB keyboard which has unique full-size, poly pressure enabled velocity sensitive switch style keys. Housed in an Apple keyboard like aluminium case, its got a very small footprint and will work with any class compliant device including iPad.

Available soon, priced at $99.


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geo303    Said...

Is this the first poly aftertouch keyboard since one of the really old E-MU samplers????

26-Jan-13 09:51 PM

Ed A.    Said...

Ensoniq samplers had poly-aftertouch, I don't remember Emu samplers having that feature.

26-Jan-13 11:16 PM

Jeremy Abel    Said...

Wow, the only issue I can see is that the key travel must be really low. But I mean, for $99, don't even use it as a "keyboard", but rather a bunch of pressure sensitive buttons!

27-Jan-13 12:24 AM

Synth_Fan    Said...

What's the point? Polyphonic pressure is for adding a new dimension to performance - but there's no possibility of 'performing' in the first place here. This is a bunch of buttons for non-performing musicians.

CME - you need to implement this in a proper full key sized controller

27-Jan-13 05:03 AM

Mark Calliway    Said...

At last,analog is back and the best evolution since the wheels, polyphonic after touch. Now where is Yamaha 125 years and no new CS80 to celebrate. Keybs

27-Jan-13 06:24 AM

Mark Calliway    Said...

At last,analog is back and the best evolution since the wheels, polyphonic after touch. Now where is Yamaha 125 years and no new CS80 to celebrate. Keybs

27-Jan-13 06:25 AM

Filter Sweep    Said...

Looks like a lot of fun for all the synths on iOS now, surely better for playing on than a touch screen keyboard, no?

The form factor might be great for a notation program like Finale or Sibelius.

27-Jan-13 08:47 AM

Howie    Said...

Qunexus looks a lot better

29-Jan-13 04:18 AM

knolan    Said...

I agree with Synth_Fan - I own and use a DX1, Prophet T8 and CS80 all with polyphonic aftertouch and its stunning on these instruments. I hardly see the point on this item (but take the other points on board for sure).

More importantly - CME have now set the genie free - they have verified that building a reliable polyphonic aftertouch controller is cheap and essentially no more expensive than one without it.

There can be no more excuses by other keyboard companies and I hope they react positively. The trend is, unfortunately, for cheaper keyboards (even like the KingKorg and VR-09) to leave even channel aftertouch off.

Well done CME for paving the way in showing that reliable polyphonic aftertouch is completely do-able reliably - and incredibly cheaply.

(VAX-77 take note!!).

29-Jan-13 03:03 PM

Yes    Said...

I actually like the product, as im already cme big fan, i like cme products, they are at least same or better quality of its price class.

31-Jan-13 05:23 PM

Oakenheart    Said...

After having a VX boat anchor, and no support from CME, No forums, no contact from CME distributor, I can firmly say O H!!! NO to any CME product. They suck.

20-Apr-13 04:53 PM

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