WNAMM13: Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 12 - Video

12 voices, four oscillatore per voice - massive.      26/01/13

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Winter NAMM 2013 - Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 12:

Dave and the team were a little coy about this one, with news coming out only at the last minute, maybe something due to the vast experience Dave Smith has at NAMM, as we've noted before, his offspring MIDI is now 30 years old.

But the Prophet 12 - is a beast, with  features take from the DSI range as well as some stuff from the Tempest - such as two pressure sensitive sliders and a beautiful OLED display, its got a lot to offer.

Dave Smith himself gave us a look and listen at the new Prophet 12.

Available in the Spring at $3000



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Jeremy Abel    Said...

Jesus! I'm pretty floored by the price. Boutique product, but still $1k cheaper than a Nord Stage 2!

I love his attitude towards digital; as in, let's do things analog can't do, not just emulate analog. And those two touch strips look like way too much fun, I was just thinking about DIY-ing a similar sort of thing myself.

Can't wait for the review, Nick! I think this one's certainly something special.

26-Jan-13 04:33 PM

The Prophet    Said...

Is this an analog or a digital synth?

26-Jan-13 06:31 PM

Jeremy Abel    Said...

@The Prophet: I thought he made it pretty clear that the oscillators are digital, and the rest is analog :P

26-Jan-13 07:35 PM


Wow,I want one!

26-Jan-13 07:54 PM

Peter K.    Said...

It's a hybrid synth, like some of the greatest hits of the 80's. It's digital in spots, but really good digital. Wow, it sounds killer...

27-Jan-13 03:02 AM

Scott Frost    Said...

Will there be a desktop version?

27-Jan-13 11:14 AM

JK    Said...

Sounds a bit like a Prophet VS and An Arp Quadra. Right up my street. 80's Sci fi Horror soundtracks.

27-Jan-13 12:14 PM

Ununseptium    Said...

Pah! What can that old guy possibly know about MIDI?

27-Jan-13 03:05 PM

NorthernOne    Said...

Two comments:

1. He would help himself by getting somebody else to demo the kbd. He is too slow moving and stuck in the 80s in playing style.

2. Too expensive. Tony Banks, Thomas Dolby are fine with their Motifs and sooooo many people have moved or are in the process of moving to soft-synths or are analog snobs or if they really have that sort of dough to blow on ONE kbd, want a good piano and B3 inside of it.

I could be wrong...

27-Jan-13 03:32 PM

Wavestrike    Said...

If history is to be repeated, the next iteration is the DX-12, which will be "the best yet" and 100% digital.

27-Jan-13 04:13 PM

Lele    Said...

Do you think it's sound like an ArpQuadra?! I would pay a lot for that!!

29-Jan-13 04:02 AM

Top Cat    Said...

@NorthernOne. Tony Banks has never used a Moftif that I'm aware of..Korg Oasys on the last tour. People still like innovative hardware and analog is making a big comeback. Heck you can even buy new vinyl these days.

29-Jan-13 12:19 PM

Wizz    Said...

Ununseptium, the old guy was one of the inventers of MIDI.

30-Jan-13 12:56 AM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

Did Mr. Smith have dubstep on his mind when he conceived of this device?

..I hope so! I'd love a hardware replacement for NI Massive

(sorry about the dubstep)

30-Jan-13 12:57 PM

JK    Said...

Yeah lele It has a John Carpenter feel to it. Getting one.

02-Feb-13 04:50 PM

Dave AssHole Smith    Said...

Dave Smith can shove that Prophet up his ass. Finish the Tempest first scumbag, its been two years and its a $2000 disaster.Get your priorities straight and fix the Tempest before all of us who bought one and are disgusted by it, file a major class action lawsuit against you, you greedy prick!

03-Feb-13 03:24 AM

Josah Tyler    Said...

Sounds like a Prophet VS to me. But where's the Vector stick? :(

03-Feb-13 02:40 PM

Lester Pucket    Said...

i bought a prophet 08 and although i salute the pure juicyness of the filters etc etc and of course etc, I still just cant find the love with the sound of the dave smith synths. theres something very brassy that i could not control. I bought a Kronos and i gotta say, i did an A and B comparison and as much as this might piss off the purist snobs ITS STILL JUST ELECTRONS. and i swear i prefer the analog modelling on the Kronos to the Prophet 08 and now i hear even more of it coming from the 12. I sold the prophet and bought a blofeld....never looked back. Good Luck Dave. i salute you nonetheless.

09-Feb-13 04:41 AM

John K    Said...

dave smith is the man, this synth is amazing. haters better recognize.

10-Feb-13 04:51 PM

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