WNAMM13: Slate Pro Audio Affordable Raven Touchscreen

27 inch multi-touch screen and monitor station      05/02/13

Winter NAMM 2013 - Slate Pro Audio

One of the booths you had trouble getting near was the Slate Pro Audio - where Steven Slate was sitting in front of the massively impressive Raven MTX - a massive multi-touch mixing surface, that was announced last year with a price tag to match.

Also shown was the Raven MTI, a smaller touchscreen housed in a metal case with a monitor control system and a couple of Macbook Pro speakers inside.

The touchscreen interface was actually pretty responsive and the size seemed to be more suited to most working situations. Of course, you can still use the touchscreen to perform other functions outside of your DAW, but the additional control layer - Raven Control Software, that Slate Pro Audio have developed really does use some smart macros and workflow enhancements that take advantage of touch.

Best news is though its still not a low cost solution, its certainly becoming affordable at $3,500


Multitouch Raven Display

  • 5 ms response time - faster than motorized faders
  • 27" LED-backlit IPS HD LCD panel
  • 178° viewing angle
  • Display adjusts from 10° to 30°
  • Standard DVI/HDMI and USB connections
  • Works with single and dual-monitor setups


Multitouch Raven DAW Controller Software

  • 24 simultaneous channels in the Raven DAW controller
  • Direct DAW touch - Your finger becomes the mouse pointer
  • User-customizable Raven Toolbars and floating tool palettes
  • Faster workflows, more intuitive, creative and fun
  • Currently supports Pro Tools 9 and 10 on Mac
  • Will support all major DAWs and Windows
  • Direct touch interaction with all your computer's apps


Essential Analog Monitor Controller

  • High resolution and transparent, digitally-controlled analog circuits
  • 4 Stereo Analog and Digital sources
  • Independent speaker, console headphone, and studio headphone outputs
  • Any combination of sources to any combination of outputs
  • Easy to customize headphone mixes
  • Built-in Laptop Reference™ speakers nicknamed "Betty"
  • Subwoofer output
  • Talkback


Estimated MSRP:  $3,500

Estimated US ship date:  summer 2013


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