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Camel Audio announces availability of Biolabs: Light Space      07/02/13

Camel Audio has announced the availability of Biolabs: Light Space, which they  describe as the latest in a line of highly-affordable and creatively inspirational 'powered by Alchemy' range of sound libraries, compatible with their free Alchemy Player v1.5 or Alchemy v1.5 -- the ultimate sample manipulation synthesizer. Here's the rest of what they have to say...

Created by respected sound designer biomechanoid, the unique sound explorations of Biolabs: Light Space are filled with light and shade, movement and detail, fragile beauty, and subtle, shifting colours.

Biolabs: Light Space features otherworldly, 'almost real' instruments with unprecedented depth and expressive subtlety, playable textural synths, evocative atmospheres, mysterious treated bells, flexible evolving rhythmic textures and arps, restrained basses, subtle percussion, and drum kits. All presets are beautifully blended with a richness of round-robin variation and multi-layered instrumental complexity, covering a wide range of genres and moods, musically suited to ambient, electronica, and soundtracks.

Including nearly 1GB of varied, freshly-sampled material -- much of it presented in 24-bit format, each of the 75 presets in Biolabs: Light Space provide a wealth of creatively twisted variations -- 600 in total.

Pricing and Availability:

Biolabs: Light Space can be securely ordered from Camel Audio's online Shop for $35.00 USD/€29.00 EUR/£25.00 GBP, and is compatible with Alchemy v1.5, (available separately for $249.00 USD/€199.00 EUR/£179.00 GBP), and the free Alchemy Player v1.5 (included). Alchemy Player v1.5 includes 200 presets and 1GB of samples, is compatible with all Alchemy sound libraries from Camel Audio, as well as SFZ files.

Biolabs: Light Space is also available bundled with Biolabs: Dark Space for $59.00 USD/ €49.00 EUR/£39.00 GBP. (Biolabs: Dark Space owners are automatically credited with a discount for Biolabs: Light Space in their Camel Audio support account.)

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