Free iOS App Makes Music With Colliding Spheres

Refined Stochastic Technology releases Bucephalus      26/02/13

Refined Stochastic Technology has released an iOS app, Bucephalus.

A spokesperson told us, "Create unique sounds with this instrument utilising the power of elastic spheres! Five ball sizes have unique collision sounds and individual resonant tones for each wall of the screen."

Advanced features:

  • Custom designed three stage, four parameter chamber reverb.
  • Two parameter custom distortion.
  • Three filter types with adjustable Q and cutoff frequency.
  • Save states.
  • Variable elasticity, gravity and resonance.
  • User defined resonance settings with Major7, Minor7, Dominant7, Semitone, Wholetone and Pentatonic arpeggios and variable detuning for microtonal effects.

Pricing and Availability:


More information:




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Synth_Fan    Said...

Yawn, yawn, yawn

Please will developers stop making these pointless apps that nobody uses, nobody wants and which don't make music.

There are hundreds of these apps out there - they're all junk

junk, junk, JUNK !!!

26-Feb-13 04:53 PM

Ed A.    Said...

I agree. It's free and I still don't want it. A worthless waste of time.

26-Feb-13 06:16 PM

spider.dan    Said...

This app isn't really's freemium. If you want any of the effects or even the ability to change the shape/sounds of individual balls you have to pay.

27-Feb-13 08:20 AM

Chris    Said...

Yeah, a few manage to get this right, but this one came out on Audiobus yesterday, and it is brutally unprepared. They tell you you can have "advanced features" for 5 bucks. I have paid for a lot of great AB compatible apps, but they need to start monitoring what they allow on the bus a bit more closely. This app is garbage at this stage of development at least.

05-May-13 09:56 AM

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