Depeche Mode - Name That Gear

Equipment packed Facebook post challenge      05/03/13
Depeche Mode - Name That Gear

Nice to see that Depeche Mode haven't lost the lust for gear even after all this time. In a recent Facebook post, they uploaded this photo with the simple caption - "Name the equipment".

There's no prize, no ultimate goal, apart from the satisfaction of knowing that you got it right. Or not.

At last count, there were 1,300 comments, though admittedly not all are taking the challenge seriously - so how about you?

If you can't see enough detail try the original post here

Depeche Mode's new album Heaven Delta Machine is released on 26th March 2013, followed by a massive world tour.



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Spotter    Said...

Korg MS20, SQ10, Roland Juno 106, Yamaha Sy-1. I think thats it for synths?

05-Mar-13 01:23 PM

Steve B    Said...

The new album's called "Delta Machine" - the first single of the new album was "Heaven".

05-Mar-13 03:11 PM

Steve B    Said...

The new album's called "Delta Machine" - the first single of the new album was "Heaven".

05-Mar-13 03:11 PM

jsepeta    Said...

is that a digidesign MIDI interface? can't tell the stompboxes.

06-Mar-13 12:12 AM

RP    Said...

Chair is a seismont Vl60 with dual cushion retraction and a patented bora back rest :)

06-Mar-13 10:19 AM

troop    Said...

i see an MPC 2000 no XL

06-Mar-13 11:22 PM

GTRman    Said...

Is that a roch sitting on top of the desk?

07-Mar-13 07:44 AM

Twang    Said...

Stomp box is a Z-Vex Probe Wah.

08-Mar-13 12:43 AM

Delta Dan    Said...


18-Mar-13 08:00 AM

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