JACK Up Your Apps!

Open source app offers audio and midi between apps      20/03/13
JACK Up Your Apps!

JACK is an open source audio app that allows the routing of audio channels and MIDI ports between different applications. You can freely connect them in any way you want. Besides this it also offers other ways to allow your audio and sequencer apps to communicate, for example record/playback synchronization between DAWs and sequencer apps. Arbitrary data sharing among apps and much more.

Current Features:

  • Audio connections between apps and external devices¹.
  • MIDI connections between apps and external devices¹.
  • Record/Playback synchronization between apps.
  • Multi Core CPU support for high performance (parallelized internal audio graph).
  • Low Latency Performance (configurable, i.e. 2ms buffer sizes).
  • Arbitrary, custom data sharing among apps (allows easy extensions of the system).
  • Arbitrary amount of audio & MIDI ports per app, changeable at runtime.
  • Intuitive user interface that allows you to easily manage all audio and MIDI connections, environment settings, monitor current overall CPU usage and more ...


I have used it quite extensively in its first iteration routing audio between DAW's, over networks and even over the internet and around the country. Although its relatively new to iOS according to Schoenebeck it provides "the most professional and powerful environment for your audio apps, highly optimized with explicit multi core support, low latency and maturity which it gained over many years of usage and development on other operating systems already."


Edd Butterworth


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Montychristo86    Said...

Who needs Rewire when you got just Jack! (Will and Grace allusion aside, why are you guys just posting this when it has been out forever?)

20-Mar-13 06:02 PM

Garble    Said...

Wow! Finally! Now we can use the awesome "Jack" for everything! I can't wait... I still remember how Jack used to crash every session on my UbuntuStudio build about three years ago. I ACTUALLY got a clue, ditched Linux entirely, and now I'm happier than a pig in a poke using Windows 7.

Thanks for that amazing news. Now I'm going to barf and continue making great music using my PROFESSIONAL-grade equipment, which I paid good money for, thanks so much...


21-Mar-13 10:36 AM

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