Monotribe Firmware 2.1 Adds CV/Gate

Play your 'tribe from external analog gear      21/03/13
Monotribe Firmware 2.1 Adds CV/Gate

We reviewed the Korg Monotribe and were impressed. It certainly has a tasty sound, but the ribbon keyboard drove me insane - almost impossible to play anything meaningful or repeatable - your only option was to retrograde with the excellent Amazing Machines MIDI kit (also reviewed here). But that requires a bit of internal finagling which isnt for everyone and has an additional cost.

Well now Korg have announced firmware V2.1 which adds external CV/Gate input - so you can actually access the synth voice externally.

Here's the official word:

Announcing an OS update for the monotribe Analog Ribbon Station - the full-fledged analog synth and rhythm unit with a step sequencer that's inherited from the Electribe. The monotribe System Version 2.1 adds a new feature that allows the monotribe to be controlled via the keyboard of a KORG KingKORG, or any analog device that has a CV/Gate Output jack.

The OS upgrade is a free download from your local Korg website. Its an audio file that you play into the sync input of the Monotribe which then lets you use the sync in to control CV Gate with a stereo to two mono adapter. You can then hook it up to your 1v/Oct kit - indeed the new King Korg will drive it as it has its own CV/Gate output.




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Chuy    Said...

Will it work as a third oscilator for the ms-20 mini??? That would be great!!

22-Mar-13 09:39 AM

whitenoise    Said...

It says that the Monotribe operates at 1v/octave so you would need a converter to use it with the MS-20 mini (which is Hz/v).

22-Mar-13 11:06 AM

Synth_Fan    Said...

Doesn't it need a "Trigger in" too??

25-Mar-13 08:03 AM

Synth_Fan    Said...

Oops - a gate input (i.e. trigger) is included ( via stereo jack). Apologies for not reading the item properly.

25-Mar-13 06:06 PM

squid    Said...

I believe it requires a special '4-pole mini-jack' which will allow it receive CLOCK, GATE & CV all through a single cable.

That's seriously damn cool!

The Monotribe can also be configured to accept 'Hz/v in' addition to '1v/octave'.

I'm wondering if the MONOTRONs will accept '4-pole' jack too?

Ti me will tell :)

31-Jul-13 07:39 AM

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