MESSE13: MFB Dominion 1 and Tanzbar - Video

We get a look at this new analogue synth keyboard and new analogue drum machine      11/04/13

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Here at MESSE we were able to get a look at the new synthesizer keyboard the Dominion 1 and the Tanzbär drum machine from MFB.

The Dominion 1 is a three oscillator mono synth with lots of modulation routing and very easy integration with modular as it has a pretty extensive patch bay. And as you can control each oscillator with external CV as well you can get paraphonic operation. Not full polyphony as all three oscillators will be through the same filter. The keyboard even has aftertouch, on a mono synth!!! Nick was particularly happy about that.

The Tanzbär (google translation dancing bear) is an analogue drum machine with 16 instruments, a 16 step sequencer and lots more features.



Edd Butterworth

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Handbuilt ColdFusion CMS    Said...

Third time's a charm :)

11-Apr-13 10:39 AM

Modern3    Said...

Perhaps the clown can take off his glasses and hold back on smoking before making a demo. Moron!

11-Apr-13 12:04 PM

Koshdukai    Said...

Maybe I'm wrong but I can't possibly see myself using those ribbon controls so out of reach while playing the the keyb :/

11-Apr-13 02:55 PM

Aftertouchy    Said...

"The keyboard even has aftertouch, on a mono synth!!!" Umm, the Mopho keyboard has aftertouch and it's a mono synth too. I get that people cut that corner but it's not without precedent.

11-Apr-13 08:00 PM

Peter K.    Said...

This sounds pretty cool!

I think a synth with this many options and this much flexibility could benefit from having presets. Thoughts??

12-Apr-13 07:38 AM

Philllll    Said...

These all look pretty interesting. Off to look at MFB stuff on the 'tube now! Thnx Nick.

14-Apr-13 10:45 AM

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