Depeche Mode Gear Spotter Studio Performance

Broken - studio performance packed with gear      25/04/13

The new Depeche Mode album  Delta Machine is a real return to form. Plenty of interesting production for the musos and a good collection of songs too.

This latest bit of Peche PR is a lovingly filmed studio performance of track Broken. Watch carefully, there's about one of every synthesizer known to man in it, old and new. Okay, I  exaggerated considerably there, but take a look, your eBay habit might just be be re-ignited.

Great to see Korg MonoPoly in full effect there, one of my favourite synthesizers - Korg, how about a remake?

Judging by the url of the source of this video on Livenation, there may well be more of these to come.




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Oh yes i think so    Said...

i keep pausing it to study the gear - it will take me days to watch this!

25-Apr-13 04:34 PM

SteveFromBerlin    Said...

I smiled when I saw my trusty old Grado Headphones. :)

25-Apr-13 04:54 PM

glen damster    Said...

please don't remake the monopoly.. i just spend a fortune buying one. and same price for a ms20 mini for an ms10...

26-Apr-13 01:08 AM

S R D    Said...

Dave's voice is at a near peak in my humbles, and he really puts so much heart into his singing, from what i can hear. Even on the album, this song stands out in a similar way.

Great synths, too, inc what looks like ferg's OP-1

27-Apr-13 01:27 PM

GTRman    Said...


30-Apr-13 06:50 AM

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