Free Synth For Macs

Hartmann Neuron VS makes a comeback for Intel Macs      30/05/13
Free Synth For Macs

In 2000, Axel Hartmann and Stephan Bernsee, set out to design a novel synthesizer based on artificial neural networks used for sound synthesis, the Neuron synthesizer. They were able to get support from a lot of people, including well known artists such as Hans Zimmer, and Hartmann Music as a company won several awards for innovation in synthesis technology.

Unfortunately and despite the huge interest in their products, due to some issues with distribution and their hardware manufacturer Hartmann was driven out of business in 2004. With the company dead there was no chance for Neuron owners to get tech support or updates.

Just recently, a Facebook group came into existence that managed to attract many knowledgeable and skilled Neuron owners who provide support and advice to each other in their spare time. To aid them in the process of keeping the Neuron alive, Stephan Bernsee dusted off the old NeuronVS sources in order to revive the NeuronVS VST plug-in, a software-only version of the Neuron synth that came with a powerful hardware controller, the Nuke. Thanks to the generosity of former Hartmann CEO Stefan Rapp and Neuron designer Axel Hartmann Stephan Bernsee says that he is now able to provide an updated version of the original software free of charge, (hopefully) free of bugs - and with no warranties of any kind.


Minimum System Requirements:

VST 2.1 compatible host, MacOS X Intel 10.6.8+.

Pricing and Availability:

Free download

More information:



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Atomic Shadow    Said...

You have to have the VS hardware controller to get to all of the parameters according to one source. Why not spruce this up with and iPad control app that I would gladly buy?

30-May-13 01:34 PM

plaid_emu    Said...

I hear you can program the controls to the X/Y pad in Ableton Live, but you can't use Live to host it unless you use a VST 2.1 wrapper because VST 2.4 is the new standard. I just wish we could get a proper new Nuke controller and a new rewrite of the software for Mac/PC and iOS/Android. I know, I'm dreaming.

30-May-13 01:56 PM

Adam    Said...

Yup. Not working in Live 8. Bummer.

01-Jun-13 11:53 AM

Geo Mengen    Said...

Thank you! Fantastic news - I was looking up the Neuron just a few weeks ago, and suddenly it pops up here, as a gift.

02-Jun-13 07:08 AM

gridsleep    Said...

Neuron VS for Windows is out there; you just have to look for it. Also, there are still Neuron keyboards available, if you're patient and save your money.

16-Dec-13 10:45 PM

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