Depeche Mode - Check Their Rig For Delta Machine

behind the scenes look from Hamburg gig      20/06/13
Depeche Mode - Check Their Rig For Delta Machine

Depeche Mode are embarking on their Delta Machine Tour which is a massive worldwide affar. In the sutdio they use plenty of classic synths and beautiful vintage gear. On the road, its a different story - with reliability and replacability key factors..

This behind the scenes tour at Hamburg's Imtech Arena which can hold around 50,000 people,  was filmed by Kemper/Access.

Can you guess what they might be using....


Even more news...

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Juno    Said...

I hate these kind of promo teasers... it's always "SOME controller, linked to SOME computer full of SOME libraries... but look... isn't the Virus great...."... oh... it's an advert for ACCESS!

Don't get me wrong... i love my Access stuff (I've a C and a TI) but I want to know the FULL system.. not JUST whichever company is pushing their gear!!

20-Jun-13 08:52 AM

Blake    Said...

I agree. I would have liked to get the details on the whole setup instead of a commercial for Access.

20-Jun-13 02:44 PM

Ed-Wan Kenobi    Said...

Gee, I'll just have to go out and buy me an Access Virus or two because Depeche Mode uses them.


21-Jun-13 02:23 PM

Peter K.    Said...

Yeah... The Virus stuff is great, but that Moog Voyager XL is amazing, and the Roland RD700 (GX probably) is a killer digital piano in its own right in addition to being a great weighted action controller.

It's all good, but I would have preferred for it to be a bit less biased strictly towards Access... deserving as they are.

22-Jun-13 03:47 PM

Peter K.    Said...

Actually, between the RD and the two controllers in the first rig, they have more Roland gear on stage than Access.

22-Jun-13 03:49 PM

Dm fan    Said...


26-Jun-13 11:19 AM

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