Cakewalk Sonar X3 First Look

Product presentation in the house      28/09/13

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Lots of Cakewalk hooha in the news at present, and nothing really to do with the actual products with Gibson's announcement of an intent to acquire Cakewalk - see our original story.

Before all this happened we had a visit from Cakewalk to give us a first look at Sonar X3, a full revision from X2 though perhaps more in concept than features. Firstly, they've done away with  the limited Sonar entry level version (Essential), removing all track and aux limitations so you get a fully featured audio/midi DAW.

They've also enhanced the workflow and interface with various tools - the comping tool, and object colours.

The X3 Studio and X3 Producer now both come with Melodyne as standard, integrated into the audio editor, plus a variety of other bundled third party tools and effects.

For the full lowdown on what's available in which package, visit the Cakewalk site.

Available right now.


Even more news...

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loneraver    Said...

Ok Cakewalk, this is your last chance.

When they changed the editing tools in X1 and X2, they pulled me away. However, since they included integration with Melodyne, I'm going to give them one more chance.

28-Sep-13 03:54 PM

Wildman    Said...

That cakewalk guy certainly likes the feel of his own pecks. LOL! Software and pecks look good though.

29-Sep-13 04:56 AM

JRL [Cakewalk]    Said...

Haaaa!!! THAT my friend - is called nervousness ;) Nick is one intimidating force. LOL

It truly was a blast making that track in X3, and I think many folks will find what I have - X3 is rock solid and sounds killer with all the new upgrades. A blast hanging with Nick and Andy and much appreciation.

29-Sep-13 11:52 AM

Audiofanzine    Said...

We gave the software our Best Product Award... not to say there isn't room for improvement:

22-Jan-14 02:15 AM

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