MacBeth Nexus 1 - Demo Before Manufacture - Its Dark

Ken goes film noir and moody      15/11/13
MacBeth Nexus 1 - Demo Before Manufacture - Its Dark

Ken Mac Beth is working on a new synth - Nexus a touch keyboard analogue synth with 3 Oscillators - I've seen a photo of it housed in a brief case - so he already has my attention - Synth/Luggage combination a surefire winner..

Its thought the Nexus 1 (maybe there will be more like the Google phone) will cost around £2.5k.

Ken has posted this final act demo - with a moody B&W set - very Berlin..

Here's what Ken has to say:

'Hi All, well for those following my up and coming next *new* synth- the Nexus- I have spent just over a week working with some slight changes here and there, as well as a couple of circuits too. Basically, all that I have designed so far is top. I have been working most of the last couple of days, now applying what I've designed into the layout of the PCBs and front panel. Over today, I've just let this thing run it's self in the background. I must say, it's been playing some of the most depressing sounds that I've heard in a long time. Melancholics will delight! This thing is coming straight out of the cold war!'


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Mattsynth    Said...

This sounds awesome Ken can not wait to play one. I have been waiting for someone to put out a synth with a keyboard like this one.

15-Nov-13 07:55 AM

Champ    Said...

Already bought one in a dream... soon a reality.

15-Nov-13 08:14 AM

James    Said...

But does it have aftertouch?

15-Nov-13 09:05 AM

alexx    Said...

Looks gorgeous, but any demo, even a sneaky peek for a such expensive piece of gear shall be more professional!

15-Nov-13 09:26 AM

elektrik    Said...

@alex, could see all his development stages and some really good sounddemos on his FB, alot more interesting then some highend profesional looking demo

15-Nov-13 09:33 AM

Jordan    Said...

Maybe it's just me...but I have a bit of a hard time even thinking of parting with that kind of money for a synth that has Stylophone type keys.

15-Nov-13 09:54 AM

Dr.    Said...

I'm with Jordan.

Buchla & Serge would be like:

"DUDE"! cut that shit out man! go with the flow, F@C#"! follow the trends man.

15-Nov-13 10:46 AM

Zavos    Said...

@Dr. Spoken like one of the truly self-righteous.

15-Nov-13 12:25 PM

Patchhead    Said...

Ken has had some deserved flak cause of the link to the arms trade, (the companies who manufacturer for him. )Putting that to one side he still hasn't managed to make a synth with memories. Fuck knows who buys his synths? Not a great time to be reminding everyone of Rolf Harris also.All that synthesizer and it is not touch sensitive (or player responsive) what a laugh. Is he rich or something , making endless synths, that don't seem to figure in anyones studios? I know enough synth geeks and no one buys his gear.?

15-Nov-13 05:06 PM

EdEagan    Said...

I admire Ken and what he has achieved. Dr. 2 whatever please elaborate. I think Ken is wonderful. I think side line trolls are...

15-Nov-13 11:08 PM

Rp    Said...

Completely agree about the Rolf Harris thing, should rework the desin to look like an armchair that has a sliding teapot enclosed in the arm in order to avoid any whatsoever pedo association.

Oh, wait a minute

(reference very much geared towards one side of the Atlantic there)

16-Nov-13 03:34 PM

sausagehead    Said...

Now then ,Now then , Now Then, If Kenny Boy tips his hat to Rolf, that's his business. But come on , non velocity in this day and age, terrible error!! Looks is one thing, how it works is another. Moogs back lit panels emit a high pitched noticeable sound when the light is on, how wrong is that when you spent thousands for the 'sound' .

16-Nov-13 06:03 PM

Andy    Said...

@patchhead memories are for losers. Real synthesists make their own sounds. And then make more next time. As to who buys his synths, people with more class and money than you. But, since you ask, check out any Orbital gig. Now you can get back to pressing the rubber pads on your launchpad.

18-Nov-13 01:53 PM

Wee Jimmy Krankie    Said...

Amazed that so many people don't get the concept of a boutique manufacturer. Ken makes maybe 100 examples of any instrument he makes. It's not meant to be in everyone's studio. It's not meant to be super popular and mass produced. It's a niche item that costs 2 or 3 grand! And he always seems to sell them all. Too many people here seem to want cheap Volca crap. They wouldn't know a quality synth if it bit their behind. The idea of the touch keyboard here is a good one in that it won't be the same as A N other synth. It won't be just like the rest. Variety sparks creativity. But then I guess his critics just make 4/4 techno tracks all day and call it creative.

18-Nov-13 02:00 PM

Sullivan    Said...

Lots of lofty drivel about "high end" boutique synths and badmouthing of everything that doesn't cost thousands or is made in production…who's rubbing elbows with who…who's buying what…the social status of the owner or builder etc, etc. But one thing it gets down to for me is the sound. And I can say I didn't like the sound of one single note I heard in the video. Sterile squawking would be my description. So anyway I'll let you guys get back to admiring the emperor's clothes...

19-Nov-13 08:52 AM

Andy likes Scottish sausage    Said...

Andy patch head here. memories are for loosers? What a laugh. I have only hardware synths, I have a loads of vinyl releases to my name. My first synth was a mc 202. Real synthesists creat sounds and we also want to store them . You sound an utter prick with that line. I have just gigged in Berlin, I record for vinyl and I need patch memories on synths. It's funny Dave Smith,Moog,Novation,etc manage to have patch memories on analogues?To wonder why Macbeth can't include them on his expensive synthesizers, really is not a big deal. Maybe you can enlighten us on what a real synthesist is, you have made me laugh once, you could really crack me up .telling us what a real synthesist is. You mad my day !!

19-Nov-13 10:29 AM

McDuff    Said...

Nicely said Sullivan.

19-Nov-13 10:47 AM

A fool and his money are easily parted.    Said...

All those knobs and your telling me it isn't touch sensitive. What a laugh. So what can you modulate?

19-Nov-13 11:02 AM

Anon    Said...

Wow a thread full of Pricks,

peadophelias a bit of a laugh these days eh!....

19-Nov-13 11:47 AM

patchheadhasgotcrabs    Said...

@Andy like scottish sausage If you are so famous you won't mind posting your artist name will you? Or more likely you are full of the brown stuff. Keyboard warriors always are.

19-Nov-13 01:56 PM

GTRman    Said...

Well I like it Ken. I am happy to see some quality instruments hitting the market alongside all the cheap kiddy crap from Korg. Twenty years from now the Nexus 1 will still be going and all that Volca garbage will be in the local land fills.

19-Nov-13 02:13 PM

Cheer up Andy.    Said...

How would who I am,have a bearing on the discussion? It's a site for music makers , some of us make records, is that a big deal to you ? What the fuck is a keyboard warrior? You still haven't shed light on your idea of what a real synthesist is? Your a scream.

19-Nov-13 02:50 PM

Mr. Soul    Said...

Regarding the comments about the "cheap kiddy crap" Korg synths, aside from elitism that underlies such comments, there's no way to know how long those synths might last. They could last for 30 years or more. But let's say they don't hold up so well. In 30 years that would place working models among the exceptionally rare analog synths of yesteryear. And maybe people will be willing to pay the kind of stupid money they're paying right now for synths dating back to the 80s. What will the elites have to say about them then I wonder?

20-Nov-13 12:41 AM

crackerface    Said...

It's quite amazing what kiddies often come up with using nothing but kiddie crap.

20-Nov-13 06:35 AM

S R Dhain    Said...

Calm down calm down ( long live brookside, etc). Ken does his thing and he does it REALLY WELL. Tom Carpenter does his thing and HE does it really well, too. Both of them make instruments that are UNIQUE and have CHARACTER. that's a rare thing in any decade, and especially more so now. The price and exclusivity thing can be an issue, but at the end of the day, the both make hardware that, to my knowledge ( ive used the M5 and it was great fun), has staying power. Horses for courses, as always.

20-Nov-13 10:04 AM

gridsleep    Said...

Yes, it has aftertouch. After you touch it, you have to wipe off your fingerprints before they tarnish the copper. When he gets to the Nexus 6, are you going to turn your back on it? Or wait until it pokes its head through the bathroom wall before hitting it with a pipe? Come to think of it, a synthesizer that sounds like Rutger Hauer might have selling points. I don't think this sounds bad at all.

21-Nov-13 02:38 AM

Foolsgold    Said...

To get the best out of this , it would need a midi keyboard attaching (thats presuming it responds to velocity and after touch) Lost on me this design and it seems to cut its nose of to spite its face , as it has no keyboard,no memories, no rack ears.Synthesizer looks are one thing but a great machine you can work with day in day out is another .Dave Smith is the man!!!

21-Nov-13 11:34 AM

verstaerker    Said...

mmmh... "demo before manufacture" i wonder why this has been canceled and transformed into the Elements

i preordered the Elements .. hope this one doesn't get canceled as well

05-Jun-14 01:37 PM

Malmö sweden    Said...

Hehehe, I really like the plastic briefcase that it's "nicely fitted" in. :) Like anyone would dare to walk around in downtown Malmö with 50000kr of synth in that piece of crap... Hahaha

Ken is cool, like a shunk of ice...

31-Oct-14 02:31 PM

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