Cubase Gets Gestural Control

Cubase IC Air uses LeapMotion or depth cameras      19/11/13

Minority Report has a lot to answer for, who knew we needed gesture control in our lives before that?

But gesture control is the new touch, with Leap Motion - and Geert Bevins Geco MIDI control app we're starting to see more coming on stream.

Steinberg are the latest to offer gesture control with Cubase IC Air which allows users of Cubase 7 or Cubase Artist 7, together with a Leap Motion Controller or Intel systems powered by the Intel Perceptual Computing SDK, to control the DAW with the command of gestures.

Cubase iC Air adds a control panel within Cubase 7 and Cubase Artist 7, which gives visual feedback of your hand gestures which are read by the hardware used (Leap Motion etc). You can access pre-configured gestural commands allow the user to perform transport controls, such as start, stop, forward and rewind, to jump to the next or previous track, to audition through sections of audio and zoom in and out the arrangement.

By implementing a virtual version of Steinberg's AI Knob, users are also able to control many other parameters of Cubase as well as VST 2.4 and VST 3 plug-ins through Cubase iC Air.

Perhaps we'll start to see this happening on stage-  I'm thinking JMJ perhaps, if he used Cubase that is.

Cubase iC Air is a freely downloadable component, available from the Steinberg website.



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selercs    Said...

Nice. 6th sense technology (from MIT researcher Pranav Mistry) is hitting mainstream, not just game consoles anymore.

19-Nov-13 07:51 AM

Bmeister    Said...

I'd rather compose music than throw my hands up in mid air every time I need to stop, go, zoom, etc...seems tiring to me.

If it isn't tactile, it isn't worth it.

19-Nov-13 11:31 AM

GTRman    Said...

Man, did that look stupid. Waving your hands all over the place to control something that is just a touch of a button. Not for me.

19-Nov-13 02:17 PM

Wildman    Said...

I dunno.....this could be good for keep fit in the studio. I would love to gyrate my hips to put it into loop mode.

19-Nov-13 02:44 PM

gesturedude    Said...

Shouldn't you also mention the Intel Perceptual Computing camera option (aka Senz3D) which is also in the video?

19-Nov-13 08:46 PM

Simon Posford    Said...

FINALLY!!! Everyone use to make fun of my air guitar playing... but now I'll really show them who is awesome! And lets not forget about our air drumming friends too. : )

19-Nov-13 11:54 PM

Cubaser    Said...

Already named "most useless machine" on another site. ;)

20-Nov-13 11:01 AM

RP    Said...

God, you can anticipate the impending Rudess endorsement of this thing

20-Nov-13 11:17 AM

Shpongle fan    Said...

Wow! Simon Posford! :)

20-Nov-13 04:05 PM

Wombat    Said...

I'll bet even Rudess would think this thing is stupid.

24-Nov-13 12:44 AM

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