NAMM 2014: Behringer X18 Tablet Driven Mixer

Built in Wifi router, 18 in 6 out, 100 band RTA      23/01/14

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The new tablet driven mixer from Behringer announced at Namm 2014 is the X18. It has no dock, just a place to put your tablet - I say tablet and not iPad because, although it currently works with the iOS app for controlling the on-board DSP functions of the mixer, an Android app is expected sometime soon.  Behringer are using the in built Wifi router to allow any thing to connect without the being tied to  the ever changing connector.

Check the video and the Behringer site for more features.

Expected price $799




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mckenic    Said...

Such a great idea... until my iPad runs out of charge!

23-Jan-14 04:16 PM

rocket scientist    Said...

pretty hard to plug your charger into the same outlet the console is in huh...

24-Jan-14 02:21 AM

Kev    Said...

Would be nice to have a USB charger point , but not the end of the world, I guess exitsting customers will be looking for aes pairing with existing products, but as it is this x18 will do me, nice product guys.

24-Jan-14 05:57 AM

mckenic    Said...

"pretty hard to plug your charger into the same outlet the console is in huh... "

Not really, but why NOT put charging ability in an $800 product?

24-Jan-14 12:53 PM

Josh    Said...

This product is exactly what I have been waiting for!! It's has 16 xlr/ 1/4 combo jacks witch I was look for at least 8!! It also has a usb plug for multi track recording witch was a must have and it is also can be used in live sound!! My favorite part about the Behringer X18 is the wireless iPad control and what makes it even better is that I don't have to go buy another router!! Behringer has really made me happy!! You would think this mixer would cost $1,500 but I have heard window price is going to be a little above $600!! Great job Behringer!!!!

27-Jan-14 10:58 PM

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