NAMM 2014: Korg Unveils Taktile And TRITON Taktile Keyboards

25 or 49-key USB controller keyboards/synths      23/01/14

NAMM 2014: Korg Unveils Taktile And TRITON Taktile Keyboards

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Korg has announced the Taktile and TRITON Taktile USB Controller Keyboards. Here's what they have to say about them...

These small, lightweight USB/MIDI controller keyboards provide a wide variety of functions for song production, and are available in either 25 or 49-key variations (semi-weighted). TRITON Taktile takes the full functionality of the Taktile series and adds 512 sought-after Programs from Korg's classic TRITON Music Workstation. This enables musicians to use their controller as a standalone hardware synth or as a sound source in combination with existing plug-ins. Users have the ability to immediately play back MIDI data from their DAW without the need for additional software. TRITON Taktile also offers today's musicians rare access to coveted TRITON sounds.

Various knobs and sliders are available for controlling the numerous parameters of software synthesizers. The onboard controllers include:

  • Touch-sensitive, illuminated Drum Trigger Pads (8 for the 25-key models 16 for 49-key models)
  • Pitch Bend & Mod Wheel controls
  • A KAOSS-style X-Y Touch Pad that provides CC, note and track pad input
  • A ribbon for fast parameter selection or right/left click when in track pad mode
  • Assignable controllers (8 sliders, 8 knobs, 8 switches)
  • Dedicated DAW transport switches

A bright, clear OEL screen displays parameters and program names.

Touch Scale functionality lets users automatically generate phrases in the specified key and scale by simply moving a finger on the X-Y touchpad. This practical alternative enables anyone to easily play their software synth by using the same simple gestures as on a Korg Kaoss instrument. The Chord Trigger function allows chords to be assigned to the pads and played back. When utilized in conjunction with the Touch Scale function, users can quickly develop musical patterns/ideas into songs without the need for deep editing.

A generous array of licenses/discount coupons are bundled with the Taktile/TRITON Taktile, enabling users to start performing with popular music software immediately. Included are: Korg M1 Le software; EZDrummer Lite; Ultra Analog Session; Strum Acoustic Session; Lounge Lizard Session; Ableton Live discount coupon; and Reason Limited DAW software.

Pricing and Availability:

The Korg Taktile/TRITON Taktile will be available in June 2014 with US Street prices as follows: Taktile 25 - $249.99; Taktile 49 - $349.99; TRITON Taktile 25 - $349.99; TRITON Taktile 49 - $499.99.

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