NAMM 2014: Casio New Voices For Privia PX5S

New pro soundset coming soon for flagship Privia      24/01/14

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NAMM 2014 - we shot the Casio Privia PX-5S last year - its a stage piano/ MIDI controller with 88 semi weighted keys. But also features a synth engine based on the Casio XW range, but on steroids. With 256 voices and large number of on board effects, the complexity of layered sounds is pretty impressive.

We caught up with Mike Martin, the product manager , who showed us some of the new voices.

The Privia PX-5S is available now at $999



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RB    Said...

It's a shame that such a good-sounding and capable instrument should have to fight such an uphill battle to attract customers over something as easily addressed as NOT using the CASIO brand name (they could "spin-off" these pro M.I. products into a differently named division). Also, ditch the alpha-numeric model number designation, give the product a real name, and change the aesthetics to not look like it took cues from their ubiquitous digital watch line… keep the feature set the same and the product would likely be a top seller for the type of product it is.

24-Jan-14 06:07 PM

Minimal6    Said...

Could not have said it better myself. Casio is deeply involved with various high end technologies, yet it has also sadly become synonymous with poor toy like quality gadgets. If they only were amenable to releasing this synth under a new shows you how utterly stupid society is.

24-Jan-14 06:59 PM

tjmpiano    Said...

Casio is coming on great guns... why not capitalize on a great brand... kind of like when Steve Jobs came back to Apple...I have been with since the original px line... They kick ass period the end... Having owned the competition this company is about changing perception... Just play one and you will understand..

24-Jan-14 10:49 PM

Dockeys    Said...

Agreed. This board is amazing. It's fully weighted. As good of not better action than yamahas s90 range or Roland's rd700 range. And it's less than. 11 kilos! Pianos are great. They still have some work to do with the string and organ stuff, it's a bit synthetic for me but Mike Martin is an amazing guy at promoting the board. Brilliant piano and even better controller.

25-Jan-14 03:45 AM

AS77    Said...

Agree with Dockeys!

The keybed is FULL wheighted. The strings and organ sounds could be better, hope they upgrade internal samples. The rest is very good sounds!

25-Jan-14 03:57 AM

Gmul    Said...

Unbelievable keyboard. Go try it. You will want to buy it!

25-Jan-14 03:27 PM

Gustavo    Said...

Dammit Mike always makes me want to buy a Casio PX-5S. I have only encountered one in real life and did not have much time to demo it. But my impression was that, like many yamaha stuff, everything is incredible except organs.

25-Jan-14 04:43 PM

OWL    Said...

Casio has improved lots over the years buy truth is their sampling and filtering technology is still years behind Roland or Yamaha. Keyboard action is great and piano is their best sound but all other sounds pale in comparison. I'm a retailer and have the luxury to compare brands side by side, and Casio sounds has very poor decay and fade off so quickly after initial attack that you can't help not feeling tones aren't rich enough. Any keyboardist or pianist with good ears will feel it after playing a few phrases especially from c2 to c4.

25-Jan-14 06:50 PM

Anthony the Cat    Said...

Nice keyboard and good piano sounds (but only slightly better than my Juno-G piano) but every other sound on this keyboard makes my old Roland MT-32 sound good (and that thing is so old). I mainly use this keyboard as a controller and rarely use the internal sounds.

25-Jan-14 07:26 PM

Mike Martin    Said...

We certainly appreciate the kind words. The PX-5S is an amazing instrument and we're still only scratching the surface of its capabilities. In regards to the name CASIO, that will never change as it name of the founders of the company, one of which is still running the company. With all the respect that he certainly deserves no one working at Casio is going to ask him to remove his name from the products his company makes.

11-Feb-14 10:19 AM

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