NAMM 2014: iConnectivity Announces iConnectAUDIO4+

Multi-host audio/MIDI interface interconnects iOS/Mac/PC and multiple USB peripherals      24/01/14
NAMM 2014: iConnectivity Announces iConnectAUDIO4+

iConnectivity, developer of innovative interfaces for musicians, has previewed iConnectAUDIO4+, their next-generation audio and MIDI interface for Mac, PC, and iOS. Here's the details in their own words...

iConnectAUDIO4+ is a multi-host audio and MIDI interface for MAC, PC, and iOS that combines several of iConnectivity's innovative technologies in a uniquely flexible device.

iConnectAUDIO4+'s Multi-Host technology supports multiple audio and MIDI peripherals, and also multiple computing devices, all at once. This allows any combination of up to 2 Mac, PC, and iOS devices to share iConnectAUDIO4+'s I/O.

iConnectivity's multi-host and Audio & MIDI passThru technologies bridge iOS, Macs, and PCs in a professional environment, with many practical applications. Control a virtual instrument (or any music program) on one computer device from another one. Audio and MIDI flow back and forth without extra cables, and with no audio degradation. All the computer devices act like a single integrated machine.

The Host Port is another unique technology. Many peripherals use USB for MIDI I/O, but an iOS device can only access one of them with its single port. The iConnnectAUDIO4+ Host Port eliminates that limitation by accommodating several Class-Compliant USB MIDI devices at the same time.

iConnectivity's iConfig software for iOS, MAC, PC (included) offers complete control over iConnectAUDIO4+'s I/O, providing direct control over audio and MIDI routing. Snapshots are then stored in flash memory on the device.

iConnectAUDIO4+ features at a glance:

  • Multi-Host & Host Port - use 2 computer devices (Mac/PC/iOS) at the same time. Or use 1 computing device with several and/or MIDI peripherals (with Class-compliant devices connected to a powered USB hub.)
  • Audio and MIDI passThru™ routes audio digitally between two computing devices.
  • 4 XLR – ¼" TRS combo analog inputs.
  • 4 ¼" TRS balanced analog outputs.
  • 1 X 1 regular MIDI in/out.
  • iConfig software (Mac, Windows, iOS) makes it simple to set up filtering/routing/merging scenes – which are also stored in flash memory on the device.
  • High-resolution audio - up to 24-bit/96kHz AD/DA conversion.
  • USB audio and MIDI Class-Compliant for easy, plug-and-play set-up.
  • Charges an iOS device.

Pricing and Availability:
iConnectAUDIO4+ is expected to be available at iConnectivity resellers worldwide mid-2014. Its MSRP and projected street price are TBD.

More information:


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Schroeder    Said...


24-Jan-14 07:06 AM

cbmainz    Said...

Is there a video about this?

24-Jan-14 07:48 AM

guest    Said...

I know their products can be quality and innovative when they finally hit the stores, however I don't like the fact they introduce product 'ideas' at early conception and make dedicated users wait 1 year or more, or not even follow through at all like the Muse audio interface they advertised a while back. They basically test the waters with paper products before they decide if its a go.

I would not give them one cent of my money. There are many other choices out there for quality professional gear that you can actually buy.

24-Jan-14 08:22 AM

The Guvnor    Said...

They should concentrate on getting their existing products released before announcing new ones

24-Jan-14 08:50 AM

DBM    Said...

I'm still holding out for the midi 4+ ..... Were the hell is that ?

24-Jan-14 09:05 AM

guest    Said...

I hate to be so spiteful, but since day one iConnectivity has jerked around people waiting for their products. Take a look at their facebook page with people just begging. I really hope they go out of business for their lack of appreciation for how to treat (potential) customers.

24-Jan-14 11:22 AM

iConnectivity    Said...

As a company we take an uncompromising approach to development. We take time to do things right. Our customers have come to expect this from us. Sometimes this takes longer than we hope or expect. Bringing new technology (especially related to mulit-platform connectivity) to market is very challenging. Many times we have been delayed or suffered setbacks due to circumstances out of our control, and other times we were just plain overconfident in our estimations. We have learned a lot along the way, things move a lot faster for us as of late.

We recently posted good news for those who have been waiting. All development of our iConnectMIDI interfaces has been completed and we have moved on to our iConnectAUDIO4+. mio, iConnectMIDI1, and iConnectMIDI2+ are available now. iConnectMIDI4+ is currently being manufactured and will be available as soon as they arrive from the factory.

iConnectAUDIO4+’s core is based off of iConnectMIDI4+’s core architecture. This, coupled with the recent doubling of size of our development team, means that we are able to move much much faster to get this done and to market.

To those of you that are frustrated, we are sorry. It’s been frustrating for us too! We also would like to thank many of you for your support through this process.

24-Jan-14 12:45 PM

Velocipede    Said...

I spoke to them about the midi 4+. They said they have had production issues that has created a delay of several months, but sounded confident that it would finally ship in about a month.

24-Jan-14 01:01 PM

gss    Said...


The process you described is what every single innovative pro audio gear developer (or any other product manufacturer) goes through to get product to market, software and hardware.

Your explanation does not help your reputation.

24-Jan-14 01:14 PM

guest    Said...

One takeaway is that iConnectivity is a small, inexperienced company that is still learning how to complete product designs (in Canada) and get them manufactured (in China).

Another takeaway is take everything you see or hear at NAMM with a grain (or mine) of salt until it's actually available.

Even "established" companies promote exciting but largely unobtainable products at NAMM (Korg Volcas? Behringer iStudio? etc..)

Doesn't make the wait any more enjoyable though, and it's not quite as exciting after you've nearly given up hope.

03-Feb-14 12:34 AM

guest    Said...

I just hope they've fixed the 14 ms MIDI-to-audio latency.

03-Feb-14 12:38 AM

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