NAMM 2013: Studio Electronics Boomstar CS80/700s Filters

Two new Booms and news of Eurorack filters      27/01/14

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We caught up with Marc St Regis on Sunday - the day when everyone is a little fried, myself included. That didnt stop us from getting a look at the two new Boomstars. The Boomstar SE80 features the filter from the legendary Yamaha CS80 with dual resonant high and low pass filters, the Boomstar 700 has the Korg 700s style filter - with the resonant high pass filter mod.

The two new Boomstars join the range in a month or so and will be around $100 more that the regular single filter modules.

We also saw some prototype modules made in conjunction with Pittsburgh Modular which offer the filters of the Boomstars as Eurorack modules. These will be available later this year - perhaps fall, no pricing yet.

These modules offer more CV control and will allow you to control the drive of the filters.



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Synth_Fan    Said...

Since the original Yamaha CS Filter Chips are not available any more - how do they implement the character of the CS80 Filter?

Is this just a generic filter configured with the same tweak-ability as the CS80 filter, or have they analysed the actual character of the filter and modeled it (or manufactured some sort of clone chip?)

27-Jan-14 03:08 PM

CS4    Said...

tip : cs80 character is due to white noise and slightly detuned chorus then just add them to a 2pole filter and voilà !

27-Jan-14 04:44 PM

asiohead    Said...

Always liked Studio Electronics stuff, funny interview :) Glow sticks Nick ? hahah

28-Jan-14 02:46 AM

loneraver    Said...

Ok, everyone take a drink. Nick said the words "polyphonic aftertouch"

29-Jan-14 09:18 AM

Peter K.    Said...

Drink taken.

Hey Nick, any chance of reviewing some of the Boomstars?

30-Jan-14 10:56 PM

Mr.Sue    Said...

Anybody notice Eddie Kramer in the background of this video?

02-Feb-14 12:27 AM

JJ    Said...

Looks good and what a genuinely likable guy!

03-Feb-14 06:16 AM

Brandon    Said...

Haha, that IS Eddie Kramer! I did some work with him a few years ago.

23-Jun-14 01:22 PM

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