Multi-FX And Distortion Plug-Ins

Z3 Audiolabs releases Repeat-X and Dizztroy VSTs for Windows      05/03/14

Multi-FX And Distortion Plug-Ins

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Z3 Audiolabs have released new VST plug-ins for Windows. Here's how they describe them:

Repeat-X is a multi-effect vst plugin, it is designed to manipulate audiosignals in realtime and modulate your effect parameters synchronised to your host programm.

With 9 effect algorithms and a very flexible modulation and gate section, there are nearly endless ways to manipulate your sound.

The key parts of Repeat X are the stepsequencers for each FX, they are synchronised to the host and are very variable in their synchronising possibilities, furthermore they offer you up to 8 snapshots for each preset, but you can also save and load your own sequences. Beside the stepsequencers there are also FX gates to use for each FX.

Repeat-X is easy and intuitive to use and designed for liveacting but it is also great to use it as a multi-effect tool for your song and sounddesign projects in the studio.

Dizztroy is a bitcrush / overdrive / distortion plugin which is made for soft and heavy audiodistortion. It is perfect to blow up your drumloops or leadsynths, making badass hardcore kicks, or completely destroy your signal, to sound like a broken fm radio.

It contains a bitcrusher, decimator, 7 overdrive algorithms,  a draw waveshape distortion, 2 envelope followers for overdrive and distortion, a highpass filter and to round up the perfect dizztroying machine a filter with 4 filtertypes.

All FX can be placed to your preferred position in the signal chain easily via drag and drop.

One of the big deals what Dizztroy offers to you is that you can draw the waveshape of the distortion by yourself, with the smooth button you can round off your envelope step by step to shape the perfect distortion, after shaping you can save  the shape to one of the 4 snapshots or to your harddrive, if you destroyed the perfect waveshape by mistake just undo up to 10 steps.

Dizztroy is not only made for sounddesigning in the studio, every parameter has implemented a MIDI learn function, just rightclick on a controller and move any fader, button or knob on your MIDI hardware controller and the fun can begin.

Pricing and Availability:
Repeat-X: 39,90 EUR
Dizztroy: 24,90 EUR

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