MESSE 2014: Musikmesse - Here It Comes

What can we expect?      07/03/14
MESSE 2014: Musikmesse - Here It Comes

Musicmesse March 12th-15th 2014

As we often say at this time of year, this show is MASSIVE - the sheer size of the site is awesome and takes a while to figure out even how to get around. We speak from bitter experience, my first year there resulted in prolonged and expensive physiotherapy after lugging a laptop around with me for three days completely ruined my shoulder.

Now we are veterans and know where the free beer is, it's much more manageable. So what can we expect this year? It's only been 6 weeks since NAMM, the other major event in our show season.

Waldorf Streichfett: Announced before the show, this uses the Rocket and 2-Pole desktop case format. It's a fully polyphonic string machine aimed to emulate the classics from 70's and 80's with an additional mono voice plus onboard effects. Our first appointment!

Arturia: They tell us something new is coming but we have no idea what, but the BeatStep certainly got everybody excited  at NAMM, so our video crew is practicing a standing start - think four man bob sprint.

Roland AIRA System-1 - we know what it is, but so far much of the exposure has been fairly rigid demonstrations. The AIRA range has set the web on fire thats for sure,  we hope to ask a few deeper questions and get a sense of what it really has to offer and even a bit of hands-on ourselves.

Korg Arp Odyssey: - when Korg dropped the bombshell news that they are remaking the Arp Odyssey in conjunction with one of the original team as an analogue remake,  we immediately thought - will be at Musikmesse? So far the signs are not good, but you never know. We will be along there asap just to make sure.

Boutique Synth Goodness: Of course no trip to Musikmesse would be complete without a visit to the Schneiders Superbooth, ans this year we hope to catch up with Mr Doepfer, MFB and as many other synthesizer creators as we can!

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CI    Said...

Go see Elektron. They will be announcing something major... AGAIN !

08-Mar-14 03:24 AM

Martin    Said...

Elektron? After A4K and AR ?!?!

08-Mar-14 05:26 AM

Mick    Said...

Its Schneider, not Schnieder ;-) And either I am blind, or the article doesnt state from when till when the Messe is?

I looked it up: 12 to 15 march 2014

08-Mar-14 09:39 AM

Lu    Said...

They've updated the hall plan, so make sure you've all got the new one!

08-Mar-14 02:24 PM

Scott Frost    Said...

Surely access will have a new virus???

08-Mar-14 06:00 PM

Modern3    Said...

Are we seriously supposed to get excited about this revisionist nonsense from Korg? I would be far more interested in a KingKorg Rack!

09-Mar-14 01:32 AM

Nick B    Said...

Not a peep out of Access so far. Thanks for the hall plan tip - we generally hang in the 4/5 areas. Elektron is interesting - wonder what that is, we will try and get in early there

09-Mar-14 07:44 AM

Anthony the cat    Said...

+1 for Modern3's comment about a KingKorg Rack (or maybe a tabletop at least). I've got no room for another keyboard!

10-Mar-14 02:48 AM

AndyKeys    Said...

Nord A1Rack ..

10-Mar-14 07:31 AM

Champ    Said...

Keep checking the blog when Messe hits this week!

Keep asking questions so we can try and get those questions answered. :)

10-Mar-14 10:47 AM

grew    Said...

All this revive old classics bulllshit, bring bacc tha SP1200

10-Mar-14 12:18 PM

Casimir's Blake    Said...

Akai Pro / Numark / Alesis (whoever) just announced the all-analogue RHYTHM WOLF sequencing drum machine. Where is the post? :P

10-Mar-14 01:17 PM

Greggy    Said...

Akai broke their rhythm wolf. Coincidence, or Karma? You know, for weaseling the MPC away from Roger Linn. I usually feel bad about anonymous trash talk, but I'll make an exception for Akai. Also, fifty bucks says they miss their release date estimate by at least seven months. Oops, I did it again.


12-Mar-14 09:35 AM

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