MESSE 2014: MFB Tanzbar True Analog Drum Machine

808 and 909 style voices, parameter lock and more      17/03/14

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MFB are a manufacturer that may have not come to your attention before, perhaps they occupy the boutique end of the market in your mind and are therefore overlooked as a possibility. At this years Musikmesse I saw a couple of things that changed my own perception - the first was Dominion 1 synth - a very well specified monosynth at a competitive price (in the EU).

But more interestingly, especially given the focus on retro drum voices brought on by the Roland AIRA TR-8 drum machine, the Tanzbar Drum machine (or Dancing Bear) - which offers a simillar A/B pattern approach to analog 808 and 909 type voicing together with CV and Gate plus Parameter Sequencing - something I felt was missing from the TR-8.

So if you are looking at an analog drum machine (modelled or actual) I would certainly give this serious consideration.

MBF Tanzbar is available now at around €840



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Mattsynth    Said...

Now that is a real analog drum machine. Sounds great.

17-Mar-14 06:51 AM

Dolphono    Said...

MFB should release Tanzbar True Analog Drum Machine's sequencer as a stand alone unit for next year's MESSE. I would love one.

17-Mar-14 07:00 AM

D    Said...

I agree with Mattsynth. GREAT SOUND!

17-Mar-14 07:05 AM

The Guvnor    Said...

I'm waiting for the resurgence of software instruments in 20 years time when people are pining for flat screens and mice.

17-Mar-14 10:42 AM

j    Said...

you cannot omit the umlaut in the name of the synth. Tanzbar is a dance bar. not a dancing bear. that would be Tanzbär.

17-Mar-14 11:50 AM

MFBeat    Said...

MFB should be proud! Shame on you Roland.

18-Mar-14 05:20 AM

PuUtM    Said...

Forgive my ignorance, but doesn't the Tanzbar already exist?

To clarify; when I inevitably come to buy one of these beauties - is there something in the naming scheme that will help me get this one and not the old one?

18-Mar-14 05:24 AM

Max    Said...

Just bought a Tanzbär 6 days ago for 650€ from a guy who needed money for his already bought 909. It felt in love immediatly! Most of the sounds are from mfb 522 and some of the mfb503. All in all great piece of gear. Wanted to wait for the electron rytm but its almost the Double price. Mfb Tanzbär has already been introduced at last years messe i think.

18-Mar-14 08:44 AM

Studio 139    Said...

This sounds great, much more desirable than the new Roland series.

18-Mar-14 11:53 PM

Confuzzled    Said...

This is presented as a new product, but the Tanzbar already exists, no?

I'm a little confused by way of naming scheme; could they not have called it Tanzbar II or something?

I buy most of my hardware second hand, so can anyone tell me how to differentiate between the two models?

... Or is this not a new product at all?

07-May-14 04:39 AM

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