US Analog Synths Come To Europe

Studio Electronics appoints MSL Professional as exclusive European distributor      26/03/14
US Analog Synths Come To Europe

Reading, UK-based MSL Professional has been appointed as exclusive distributor for the STUDIO ELECTRONICS brand of analogue synthesizers in Europe. Manufactured in the USA, Studio Electronics products have garnered a legendary reputation over the last 30 years for their sound quality and build. The company's current range of mono- and polyphonic synths includes the BoomStar series of semi-modular, desktop discrete synths, available in four classic models; the 4075 (Arp), 5089 (Moog), 3003 (TB-303) and SEM. With the release of the new SE80 (CS80) model now imminent, MSL Professional is set to spread the word throughout Europe.

"We look forward to a long and successful partnership,"
says Greg St. Regis of ANALOGIA INC., ardent proprietors of STUDIO ELECTRONICS. "There are some very exciting SE products in development, and I know MSL Pro will do an excellent job educating, promoting and getting them into all the right hands, and the best shops in Europe."

"MSL Pro is delighted to be representing Studio Electronics in Europe,"
says Managing Director Simon Lowther. "It's a great brand with some amazing heritage. The company's passion and deep understanding of what makes an analogue synthesizer sound fantastic is probably unrivalled, so I'm confident that great things lie ahead."

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Modular    Said...

Price ???

26-Mar-14 07:12 AM


Free Hundred Dollars, Modular.


26-Mar-14 10:46 AM

Sorry, pissed off    Said...

What strikes me, is that people think UK is Europe. Which is the most inconvenient place to ship from. We have Pound to euro conversion, and high shipping rates overseas to the main land. Please find a distributor in Germany, or France, I don't care, but this is annoying

26-Mar-14 11:16 AM

not pissed off anymore    Said...

Scratch that last comment. Distributor... not online retailer... stupid of me... sorry... troll off.... Great news!!!!!

26-Mar-14 11:27 AM

Dr.Filterstein    Said...

899 Euro in germany.

26-Mar-14 05:24 PM

gridsleep    Said...

If they are, indeed, selling for €899, it might be worth check if the $899 US price plus imports and excises would be more or less and order as appropriate. Considering that €899 = $1238 currently, a 37% markup. Is VAT really that much in Europe? How can anyone afford anything?

31-Mar-14 08:33 PM

frodo    Said...

Gridsleep: Add 5% import duty ($45), a 2.5% credit card fee to exchange EUR to USD ($22.48), 19% VAT ($170.81) and international courier by FedEx or UPS ($100). It works out to $1,237.29.

And after that, you're stuck with a US unit that operates on 120V power.

01-Apr-14 03:29 PM

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