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Free Rack Extensions and ReFills with Reason 7 upgrades      08/05/14

Propellerhead is offering two promotions on Reason 7 until 30th June 2014.  Customers upgrading to Reason 7.1 from any previous retail version receive the  new Synchronous Rack Extension (see video above) free.  Customers who buy a full version of Reason 7 or 7.1 not only receive the Synchronous Rack extension, but also receive the Propellerhead Reason Drum Kits and Reason Electric Bass ReFills absolutely free. Here's the details directly from UK distributor, Sound Technology:

Highlighting new interactive graphic capabilities of Propellerhead latest Rack Extension technology, Synchronous is a Rack Extension plug-in for Reason that offers rhythmically synced effects that bring your music to life. With a dynamic and intuitive graphic user interface and the ability to instantly recall over 100 patches, Synchronous is incredibly flexible. With the built-in waveform tools, users can easily draw and dial in Distortion, Filter, Reverb, Delay and level for anything from side-chain pumping and tremolos to beat-repeating and tweaked out wobbles.

Reason Drum Kits ReFill
Reason Drum Kits is a live drum recording session in a Refill. It captures every aspect of the included kits: the drums themselves, the room surrounding them, the drummer, the unique sound of the mics and outboard used in the recording, the works.

Reason Electric Bass ReFill
The Reason Electric Bass ReFill puts eight fully playable electric bass guitars into your Reason rack.  Featuring selectable basses and bass rigs, this ReFill lets you add dynamic, natural sounding bass lines to your productions.

How To Claim
Simply purchase and register your software before 30th June 2014 to receive your free downloads from Propellerhead. 

Note: Synchronous is also available free of charge until 30th June 2014 to existing Reason 7.0 owners who download the free update from Reason 7.0 to Reason 7.1.

Pricing and Availability:
Reason 7 full versions and upgrades are stocked by UK retailers (and often priced lower than download versions!).
Reason 7 - UK RRP £349 inc VAT - estimated UK street price £289 inc VAT

Reason 7 Upgrade from any previous version - UK RRP £115 inc VAT - estimated UK street price £89 inc VAT

Reason 7.1 is a free downloadable update from Reason 7.0.

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