Build Your Own Drum Machine

Sonic Potions LXR is a digital drum synth with sequencer available in kit form      02/06/14
Build Your Own Drum Machine

Sonic Potions LXR is a full fledged digital drum machine with integrated sequencer that you can build yourself.

A spokesperson told us, "The LXR is not another lo-fi bleepy gadget, but a real musical instrument. It is provided as a kit and comes with all necessary parts for the build. Only high quality components are used to provide long lasting fun."


  • Cortex M4 based
  • 6 voices (VA and FM)
  • 7 sequencer tracks (extra open HH channel)
  • 44kHz / 16 bit audio
  • 4 mono outputs
  • 4 different instrument engines
  • 1/128 step pattern resolution (32ppq)
  • USB/Din Midi
  • different lengths for each track possible
  • 8 chainable patterns per preset
  • Step probability
  • SD-Card
  • Cowbells!
  • 39 buttons
  • 6 LFOs routable to every voice parameter
  • complete kit. comes with all needed parts for assembly
  • No SMD soldering required
  • source code available
  • All! actions possible without stopping the sequencer playback

Pricing and Availability:

The complete kit is sold for 280 €
Acrylic enclosures sold separately for 70 €

More information:



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al_bot    Said...

i really like the sound. too bad i stink at building things...

02-Jun-14 06:14 PM

Speelycaptor    Said...

i got one and allthough i never soldered even a cableimade a successful build. thanks to an excellent step by step building guide and a very helpful community the project was a lot of fun. The synth engine has quite a unique sound and is perfectly fitted for modern electronic music styles. Another big plus is that the firmware develops and now you have even basic sample import and a triger out board is available for the modular heads. What i like most of the LXR is the UI and that you can use it as a midi step sequencer. And yes, it has a bitcrusher per instrument + a great "beat repeat" feature plus shuffle/swing.

03-Jun-14 06:47 AM

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