Exclusive: New British Polysynth On The Way

modulus .002 teaser site appeared - ooh..      26/06/14

Who said Summer was slow? Well somebody.. But not around here. We've just had word that there's a new brand new British Polysynth on the way. Its been a while since there's been an analog British poly thats for sure, in fact I'm not sure I can think of one - Oscar maybe?.

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New synth company Modulus Music have launched a teaser site for an upcoming new digital/analogue hybrid hardware polysynth called modulus .002. As is customary, there's a blurred image to accompany the initial news, which appears to show a synth of significant proportions and controls. Looks like there may be a row of sequence or extra assignable control knobs there.

Additionally, there's a very tasty sounding PWM pad demo.

Apart from that, there are no other details -  but the site indicates that there is more to come. On their facebook page we can see that the Monowave rack synth is "part of the history" of the company which means that synth designer Paul Maddox of Vaco Loco would appear to be involved. His recent creations are mini modules GorF, Zira and Tron - but this seems to be something much more ambitious.



Even more news...

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Mike B    Said...

Paul has also been working "behind the scenes" on "bigger" designs as well.. namely the Aurora project. In Modulus, it seems he has geatly expanded this concept to produce the beauty you see before you.

26-Jun-14 08:27 AM

andy n    Said...

and it seems they are a bristol company! high hopes :-)

26-Jun-14 08:34 AM

Trevypoos    Said...

Cheetah's MS6 was a poly and British. Well Welsh. Only one I can think of.

26-Jun-14 09:55 AM

Nick B    Said...

Good spot Trevy, I cant think why I didnt mention that - I actually had one!

26-Jun-14 10:00 AM

xparis001    Said...

My money is on Novation.

26-Jun-14 10:04 AM

Nick B    Said...

Not analogue though I think?

26-Jun-14 10:07 AM


Nick, they certainly put the right teaser out to get you on board - Anybody who watches your reviews knows that PWM gets you excited.

I'm excited too...

26-Jun-14 10:35 AM

Qwave    Said...

The picture of the white PCB shown at Facebook is an analog circuit to me.

26-Jun-14 12:20 PM

E03    Said...

Looks like the Kingkorg & the Pro2 had a baby:). Still all jokes aside the pwm sound sample is massive sounding & the synth looks like it's going to be interesting. British synths rock btw - I'm looking at u Oscar. I used to own a Oxford Oscar & found it fascinating until I sold it because of reliability issues.

26-Jun-14 03:18 PM

LagrangeAudio    Said...

Whatever it is or whatever it does it's great to keep seeing these announcements. We've seen a real resurgence of late, I hope it continues, something for everyone

26-Jun-14 07:15 PM

Champ    Said...

Had an OSCar at one point, still feel stupid for selling it. But I don't recall the synth being polyphonic. Its mono (duophonic with the sequencer)

Imposcar (the plugin) comes close btw. Been a long time since I used that plugin.

Spiers if you reading this.... Can we get Imposcar on iPad? Pleeeeeeeease. :D

28-Jun-14 06:34 PM

Oscar Maplin    Said...

Here we go again. Another British Synth that will look promising, remain a blurred drawing, be promising but unreliable and ultimately go nowhere.

Heven't we been here before, many times over?

02-Jul-14 01:54 PM

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