Bitwig Review - Part 1 - New DAW Software

We take a look at the new music production system      01/07/14

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Much has been made of the simillarities and/or differences between new DAW Bitwig and Ableton Live. Its true, there are many - the clip launcher for starters. But there are many differences too. While its not an entirely fair comparisson - Live is at version 9 now, and Bitwig is V1 and some, its hard not be drawn to the similarities.

One thing that may be a factor is that Bitwig has parity between three platforms - OS X, Windows and Linux - which is a first as far as I know. Trueas a result, Bitwig only supports VSTs and not AU or other platform specific standards - which if you are already a power user, could be an issue.

In this review we take a look at the basic layout and elements of the Bitwig system.

Available now priced at £249.99 / 299.99 EURO/ $399.99

In Part two, we'll be looking at more aspects of the software.




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CR78    Said...

You can indeed open up the 'Big Meters' in BW. Nice tutorial explaining Mix View;

01-Jul-14 09:12 AM

Nick B    Said...

Thanks CR78 - It seems that its perhaps not clear, I know Gaz spent a considerable amount of time getting to know BW generally, but disnt discover this.

01-Jul-14 09:31 AM

itchy    Said...

honestly all ableton needs to do is just sit back and copy all the features in bitwig. and let them innovate. they pretty much ripped off the core of the program. I like all the features bitwig added , but not about to switch up for sure, that being said ableton should have some of these features. like editing withing clips and bounce/process audio in timeline.

01-Jul-14 10:32 AM

SG    Said...

Renoise and Harrison Mixbus are Linux/OSX/Windows, so Bitwig wasn't the first. It is nice to see more companies add Linux though, once set up right Linux is awesome for audio.

01-Jul-14 03:16 PM

Nakatomi    Said...

You can't trust this software, the quality is horrible. Nobody talks about how screwed it is in all these reviews. It's an overhyped thing that doesn't offer anything new and is missing very basic stuff. 2014, gentlemen.

02-Jul-14 10:28 AM

CR78    Said...

^ Thank you for that point by point explanation for why a just over 90 day/version one release needs to be Thelma & Louise'd.......

02-Jul-14 12:04 PM

CHAMP    Said...

@ Nakatomi Trust in software? Its version 1.0

Ever tried a version 1.0 before? Its usually very basic in features with a couple of new ones. If you're using 1.0 you're an early adopter as they say. Just wait for version 2.0 if its not in their then its time to think about about trust. For the amount it cost you get a whole lot of fun and creating a professional recording is one of the possibilities. If you can't do it its probably someone else you should be blaming. :p

02-Jul-14 12:17 PM

Nakatomi    Said...

It's not version 1.0. Is a BETA version that costs circa 300 euro. Version 1.0 doesn't mean the software can be sold unfinished. There's a difference between lack of some features and unfinished software that lacks very basic stuff as to be considered an professional DAW. You can't even be sure your VST presets are gonna be saved because it works in a very weird and unespected way. A lot of people have lost hours of work for it. And that's only one of the issues.

03-Jul-14 12:03 AM

Woo    Said...

I agree: it is a beta that's 5 years in the making and late to boot.

This is not serious production or live software. It may become so in time but after putting it through its paces I would not consider using it for at least a year.

I agree that Bitwig has features that Ableton should have had (or should implement quickly). But clearly Ableton is not freaked out by this (currently half-baked) competition: when they had their yearly summer sale the discount was actually less than it was last year.

06-Jul-14 09:50 AM

James    Said...

I really like my Bitwig. Ive been using Logic and PT for years and will never go back now. BW timing is nice and tight, like hardware, audio is the best and workflow is fast. Automation is so easy. This DAW with some bits of old hardware FX makes a killer music production wont get me.

09-Jul-14 05:21 PM

Swix    Said...

Bitwig is an overhyped and badly designed piece of half-backed software.

09-Jul-14 11:34 PM

KingVidiot    Said...

"Version 1.0 doesn't mean the software can be sold unfinished. "

Tell that to Microsoft. They've been using the general public as beta testers for a long time and claiming otherwise. As a iong-time IT guy it's a personal pain.

11-Jul-14 06:32 PM

James    Said...

Everything's so fast with BW... it takes seconds to insert a piece of outboard for example. The routing is akin to an analogue desk... Jesus look at Logic, what a mind field of proper nonsense, I wonder what % of people have mastered the environment window lol what a joke that DAW is...

01-Aug-14 03:04 PM

Ronnie    Said...


10-Sep-14 07:44 PM

808    Said...

This thing still alive? LOL

05-Oct-14 04:56 PM

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