SonicTouch: EP 33 - Max Out USB - WIn CME Xkeys

We hookup 7 USB devices to a single iPad and play      07/07/14

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Gaz Williams
Nick Batt - editor

Welcome to another episode of sonic TOUCH - the show dedicated to music creation on the touchscreen device.

In this episode we attempt to hook up a large number of USB devices to see how they can be incorporated so we can play together. We also have two CME X-Key keyboards to give away to two lucky winners - see video for details.

Devices we connect:



Even more news...

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Garak    Said...

Tell me how to connect an op-1 to the ipad so I can back up files and I'll love you forever. But you can't use any other gear than a Camera connection kit and usb cable.

07-Jul-14 06:25 AM

Rusty WArren    Said...

CME rocks

07-Jul-14 02:02 PM

Captain Mike    Said...

Great demonstration gentlemen. First post but long time appreciator Nick! I am curious as to the name of the USB hub used? And a question perhaps for Gaz, what is the best midi/usb hub to sync up the OP-1 with a midi environment? Cheers!

07-Jul-14 03:09 PM

KDub    Said...

I'd love to win one but unfortunately not on YouTwitFace

07-Jul-14 05:52 PM

marco mazzei    Said...

thanks for your works! i'm happy to learn new feature of the ipad world. thanks for this! i'm very interesting to work with CME keyboard. i hope to win this CME xkeys. all the best from italy. best Marco

07-Jul-14 06:49 PM

Zoe Ter Berg    Said...

That was awesome to watch! I've wondered about connecting more than one device at a time to one ipad and you answered many of my questions. It has proven difficult to get an xkey in Canada so it would be awesome to be so lucky!

07-Jul-14 09:37 PM

KDub    Said...

If you really want to see the max an iPad can handle fill up all the device jacks on an iConnectMIDI4+ and then plug your powered USB hub to the host jack of it then fill that up with instruments/controllers. Stream 4/4 channels of audio I/O too. Even if you just replicate what you did on just the host jack I think it will help you avoid all the USB device ID assignment/reassignment shenanigans you endured with the CCK method.... which is kind of an evolved hack that's become commonplace if you know what I mean.

08-Jul-14 01:41 AM

Dhommy    Said...

Great show. Want CME keyboard for my students at schooll to show.

08-Jul-14 03:13 AM

matt    Said...

what alchemy sound library was Gaz using?

08-Jul-14 09:18 AM

Noel    Said...

pretty impressive tbh

08-Jul-14 03:19 PM

kora Dave    Said...

Will the xKey work with a Ipad Mini (16 gig)

09-Jul-14 10:19 PM

KingVidiot    Said...

Cool experiment. You guys are probably the first.

Winning an xKey would be really nice.

10-Jul-14 04:15 PM

KingVidiot    Said...


Use the Apotop Wi-Reader ($60 on eBay).

It's a small box, about the size of 2 AA battery packs stacked. It has USB, ethernet, and Wi-Fi capability.

You get the iOS or Android app (both free), plug the USB between the OP-1 and the Apotop, and you can backup all your patches, tracks, and albums on the go.

Also, using a web browser you can do a simple browse and download of OP-1 contents from a mobile device or a computer via Wi-Fi or ethernet. It's a powerful little device.

It's also a wireless (or wired) SD card reader so you can save by not buying those damn Eye-Fi cards for your camera.

11-Jul-14 02:29 PM


you guys rock!!!

15-Jul-14 04:13 PM

Fred Buck    Said...

Synths forever!!!!

15-Jul-14 04:14 PM

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