Bitwig Review - Part 2 - A Closer Look

Gaz Williams takes us through more features      14/07/14

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In the first part of our look at the new DAW from Bitwig - we took a more arial view, in part two we look closer at ore features.

For those who don't know about Bitwig - its a new DAW which has its roots in the Ableton Live way of working but takes the arrangement aspect considerable further. Available on OS X, Windows and Linux, its one of the few DAWs that has parity across all platforms.

Available now priced: £249.99 / $399 / €299

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sdk    Said...

If it took so long for Bitwig to put their product to the market it might mean is a poorly designed and poorly written software.

16-Jul-14 08:23 PM


sorry SDK but that's not a valid statement.

Well Designed & Well Written software has no direct correlation to the amount of time. I know & work with people in IT that are not to fastest, and take there time - but they are highly skilled, thorough and deliver quality work. Time permitting they do the job right & only have to do it once.

Working through proper ITIL standards can take a huge amount of time but then you know its done correctly with full life cycle from conception/development/testing/production/service support etc.

In my experience, quality IT work on a medium to large scale does take time.

17-Jul-14 03:31 AM

duke2010    Said...

SDK your statement doesn't make any sense whatsoever. Download the demo and you will see even at this early stage that its a stable and well made piece of software. So good I just purchased it :)

18-Jul-14 10:42 AM

sdk    Said...

Tried the demo already. It's half-backed and lacks basic features, too expensive for its toy-state and it's buuuuggy.....

18-Jul-14 02:52 PM

Xander    Said...

I use Abelton, Logic and now Bitwig, other than the need for Bitwig to be able to make better use of the CPU during high intensity use of third party plug-ins, it blows both Abelton and Logic out of the water for most task bar mic recording, Logic wins there, Abelton win in extensive features and Max for Live can't be best....but Bitwig will I imagine come to rule the roost very soon especially with V2 release!

19-Jul-14 01:42 PM

Budha Building    Said...

Hi Gaz,

would love to see you make a special about reaper..

It does all what bitwig can and more except live mode ..... (yes there is addon for this)


Budha Building

28-Jul-14 06:50 PM

miline    Said...

Is this thing still alive? yawn..

22-Aug-14 02:20 AM

Mono    Said...

I just heard from a guy in the industry that Bitwig has no future. They ran out of money, don't have enough human resources to keep their product going and they are barely selling any copies.

05-Oct-14 05:08 PM

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