Interview: Herr Doepfer Talks

We had a chat with the man behind the Eurorack explosion      30/07/14

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If you've had any exposure to modular synthesizers, chances are you'll have seen some Doepfer modules. Dieter Doepfer sarted to build right from studying physics, with a phaser module for the Formant Synthesizer then the single voice MS-404. , Thanks to him, the Eurorack module format has become a standard - adapted from the scientific rack testing system tweaked to work for synthesis. He doesn't want to take much credit, but in reality, a better power system, internal CV and Gate bussing, plus a lower cost ribbon connector system required some innovation and in my opinion has had a major impact in the proliferation of modular synthesizers in recent years.

Currently in the Doepfer range there are 171 modules, racks and accessories (from a quick search at Thomann) - so he's been busy!

At the Alex4/ Schneiders Laden booth at t Musik Messe earlier this year, we had a chat with Mr Doepfer about his beginnings.




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Coz    Said...

I think that Uber George dude in the background decided to ramp the volume up at the end! :)

Still a bit scared of the modular path. One day... one day...

30-Jul-14 09:21 AM

NoFace Buck    Said...

the reason why there was no 404 in the Roland series of products is because the number 4 is considered a number of death in many countries of Asia like Japan and is believed to bring very bad luck ...

even hotels tend to avoid to use the number 4 on their rooms and floors, just like the number 13 in many western societies

that's also why the number 404 is used to anounce a missing web page.

the proof of that nonsense is the success of Doepfer who started using the forbiden number !

good for you, Dieter !

30-Jul-14 12:03 PM

The Guvnor    Said...

I think its time to dig out iZotope's RX3 to get rid of the background noise at the end of the video.

30-Jul-14 05:38 PM

Icke    Said...

Hi, its "Dieter", not "Deiter" as you wrote at the video

31-Jul-14 02:09 AM

Doppelganger    Said...

I spotted someone say they thought he looked like Mick Jones (Clash) - so true!

31-Jul-14 07:27 AM

Mattsynth    Said...

I love working with my Doepfer modular equipment. Very good quality and clean layouts.

13-Aug-14 02:16 PM

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