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Bluezone Corporation releases Bomb Blast – Explosions and Debris Sound Elements      08/09/14

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Bluezone Corporation has released its latest release Bomb Blast – Explosions and Debris Sound Elements. They say that this brand-new sound FX library contains not only a great number of dynamic explosion sound effects, but also different debris sound ensembles like breaking glass, or sounds of falling metal and stone debris. 

A spokesperson had this to say, "Your cinematic, animation or video game project includes violent bomb or howitzer explosions, smashed or crushed glass, collapsing metal structures and broken down walls? Then you will be sure to find what you need among the 107 sounds presented in this pack, ready and easy to use and to adapt. All the sounds in this pack are meticulously elaborated from a great variety of high quality recordings and are available in WAV and AIFF format."


  • Falling glass debris
  • Falling metal debris
  • Falling stone debris
  • Mixed falling rubble explosion impacts


Pricing and Availability:
14,45 €

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