Podcast: Sonic TALK 378 - U2 vs Radiohead

Retronyms Wej, Zaquencer for BCR2000, 4DSound, U2 vs Radiohead      09/10/14

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5:20 mins


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We start by hearing from Robbie about his new film score gig, then we a look at the new Retronyms Wej iPad stand/hub/lighting effect - pre-sales available now, then the ramazing firmware hack for the Behringer BCR2000 form Zaq Audio which turns it into a sequencer, the 4Dsound performance system via Ableton live, why does Bono cause such animosity? The U2 giveaway vs Thom Yorkes release, Adobe's vision of the future of touch is with Microsoft but are we all just beng conned?



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