First Look: GForce Software Oddity2 Virtual ARP Odyssey

2 years in development      16/12/14

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We know that GForce Software are completely obsessed with synthesizers - regular viewers of our Sonic Talk podcast will have witnessed GForce Software's Dave Spiers' highly populated synth cave, and business partner Chris has a long history as a keyboard tech for some of the biggest names in the industry.

The initial release of the Oddity - a lovingly recreated model of the classic ARP Odyssey was extremely well received by both new users and respected Odyssey players.

This was over 10 years ago, now we see Oddity2 being released after more than 2 years of development - GForce oare famous for taking their time and getting it right.

As a result there are number of major new features - the first of which is the addition of a polyphonic mode, up to 32 voices, a 3rd Oscillator and perhaps the big one is the addition of a large amount of additional modulation routings.

The XLFO and XADSR feature allows you to add an LFO to any of the slider parameters, with no limits, so you could in theory modulate pretty much everything with a dedicated LFO or ENV.

We had a visit from Dave Spiers, who not only gave us a pretty thorough tour of the Oddity2, but also brought down all three Odysseys, MK1, MK2 and MK3 (all three filter types have been modelled) as a beautiful backdrop.

Oddity2 is available now via download in AU, VST, RTAS and stand alone formats.

Sale Price Until Dec 23rd £99/$129

After which £139.99 /$179



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