NAMM 2015: Odyssey Here it is - Video

A quick look at the new reissue      22/01/15

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So, its finally here. Trailed for almost a year, the Arp Odyssey or the Korg Odyssey, actually, I'm not entirely sure what to call it is here. The recreation of the classic analog mono does have smaller keys yes, but they are not mini keys, more like the ones on the Korg MS20 mini - very playable actually. I did ask and they said it wasnt a cost issue, but that fact that they wanted to make the whiole thing more desktop friendly.

Yes to all three filter model types, this time switchable via the front panel, yes to CV and gate i/o plus MIDI/USB connection.

Also added a post filter drive circuit, its just a must-have feature these days it seems. Aside from this, the Odyssey is a carbon copy - we'll need to get it in to check against the real thing I guess. But shipping  is due April, with limited edition Whiteface and Black/Gold versions planned.

Price $999

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