NAMM 2015: MXL Introduces GOlav Mic and Mobile Media Solutions

Ladies and Gents, a Lav - for your GoPro      12/02/15
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Well, the name alone certainly caught the attention of our Editor Nick Batt, who mentioned it on his weekly podcast (but hey, toilet humour is a bit of a Brit thing, I guess ;-)

The GOlav looks like a very useful thing, though - a lav-mic designed for plugging directly into the USB socket on GoPro camera.
I have - and love - a GoPro Hero3+ camera; it's super-useful for not just action shots, but also getting into spaces & situations where regular cameras would fear to tread - but I'm probably not alone in wishing the on-board audio was better quality.
So I can see how an external microphone would be a big asset in some situations.

The GOlav will be useful for 'talking head' interviews and the like, but for other scenarios, something else that interested me was the cable which allows a regular mic equiped with a 3.5mm output jack to also be plugged directly into the USB socket on the GoPro cameras.

Expanding on the theme of Mobile Media solutions, MXL also had a range of goodies aimed at those using mobile phones for journalist duties - there were various mic options for both iOS and Android devices.

We had a quick product overview from Ian Cohen, who kindly stepped up to the mic when the regular product demonstrator was temporarily indisposed (in the lav, perhaps? ;-)


Andy McCreeth

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