DanceFair 2015: Korg Odyssey Sync Demo

We finally get in a room with the Arp Reboot      21/02/15

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This weekend sees the Dancefair show in Utrech Holland, a show dedicated to the latest trends in Dance Music Production. With over 270 guest speakers and artists as well as a bunch of manufacturers touting their wares to Europe's EDM producers.

As we know the ARP Odyssey reboot was one of the big releases at the NAMM shjow from last month, with Korg putting on a massive corporate hooha where unfortunately, we didnt get to hear much of what the Odyssey is known for - but got a cracking buffet.

In our quest to get more information, we brought together local synth specialist Ben Spaander from (you should see their studio) and the new Odyssey to see if we could get something going - this is what we got from the first of these sessions - We know the Odyssey is capable of some ripping sync tones... We'll be bringing more videos from the show soon.

Arp Odyssey is available now - priced at around 779 UK.

Stay tuned for our own review coming soon (we're still waiting for ours.)

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