DanceFair 2015: More on the Roland JD-Xi

Micro musical scratch pad      24/02/15

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First shown at NAMM last month, the JD-Xi was also here at DanceFair 2015. We got another look at the musical ideas machine, and it looks like a pretty immediate ideas machine. Indivudually editable drum sounds, two polyphonic digital synth voices plus the single analog voice.

This is the first of the Roland Analog Crossover range - we saw the JD-XA behind the velvet rope at NAMM - sadly not at the DanceFair - I guess we'll have to wait until Musik Messe.

What is clear about the JD-XI, while its a budget micro format, its capable of being a go-to machine for throwing pattern ideas down. You also get a pretty competent vocoder. We'll be getting one if for review shortly, so stay tuned. But in the mean time, here's a fix to keep you going.




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