Pocket Operator Week - All Together Now

So just how musically useful are they?      06/03/15

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So its Day 5 - the last eposide on our Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator series. Gaz has taken us through each of the devices - PO12 - Rhythm, PO14 Sub, PO16- Factory, each one having its own particular flavour, which one was your favourite?

If you are still undecided on whether they are for you, stay tuned as today Gaz Wiliams, hooks them all up, talks sync, performance and integration into a workflow, we also get his thoughts on the range as a whole.

The three models although individually pretty keenly priced (€69) and packaged to make an impulse purchase, buying all three plus the cases (€39 each) will take you over €320 ($350).

At present allthough the Teenage Engineering crew are clearly working their hardest to fullfill the overwhelming number of orders they recieved post the NAMM launch, there is still going to be a wait before you can get your hands on one.

But you have to give the TE team their props for coming up with such a popular product.

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