MESSE 2015: Slate Digital Raven Z3 Station

Increase your workflow with the mother of all touch interfaces      18/04/15

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6:30 mins    

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Matt Dodge gives us a look at the mother of all touch interfaces and shows us some great workflow tips for getting the most out of the Raven MTi.

Multi-touch fader action, instant speed editing, batch commands, 1 button headphones mixes and much more.

The Z3 station can be configured to your specifications, so you do not need to have the full 1 x Raven MTi and 2x Raven MTx in your system.

Im sure that this is out of the price range of most of our readership, so I didn't ask for full price lists, but I think the whole system was something in the range of $30,000...

Big props to Matt Dodge for giving one of the slickest demos I shot all week!

Written and Filmed by Edd Butterworth

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