MESSE15: Icon - Would You Like Audio I/O With That, Sir?

Even a Mic gets extra features      29/04/15

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As well as the prototype of the new Q-Con Pro G2 controller, Icon were showing a bunch of other new items - Thomas gave us a quick spin round the booth.

First up was a small but feature-packed USB audio interface, the Upod Pro - it can act as a stand-alone mixer without USB, or as a regular USB interface, but with onboard DSP effects too - 72 presets.

Then there were a couple of different keyboards; the iKeyboard Mini also has some basic DAW control, but the iKeyboard-S goes to town with DAW controls, a touch-strip assignable fader and a built-in audio IO, with Mic input + phantom power.

And not to be outdone, even the podcaster-aimed Microphone they were showing had a built-in audio interface with Line input and headphone output.


Andy McCreeth

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