Korg Volca Mixer - Its Not Real But Should Be

Mockup from German Korg fan has us thinking      04/08/15

Korg Volca Mixer - Its Not Real But Should Be

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First appearing on Create Digital Music, this mockup of a Korg Volca mixer has the web buzzing with expectation. So its not real, but should be. Created by German Korg enthusiast Chris Johannes - very skilfully using 3D Studio Max its virtual features are:

  • Stereo minijack inputs
  • Effects controls and per-track  fx bus routing
  • 3-band EQ
  • MIDI in for tempo synced effects
  • KAOSS X/Y pad for FX control
  • Level knob and mute switch
Something like this with the hands-on of the Kaoss class effects would certainly team up nicely with a whole bunch of mini and full sized gear - bung in a USB audio interface while your at it please.. We've seen such a large miniaturisation of synthesizers, why not in the mixer/fx field too - c'mon Korg - surprise us..



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