Waves eMo D5 Dynamics: 5 Processors In 1

5-in-1 Multi-Dynamics plug-in uses Parallel Detection technology      11/09/15

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Waves tells us that their new eMo D5 delivers the power of five state-of-the-art dynamics processors, (Gate, Leveler, DeEsser, Compressor and Limiter), in one easy-to-use interface. It's the first plugin to use Waves' Parallel Detection technology, which means that each of the five processors responds to the original signal and to each of the other processed signals simultaneously. Waves says that this ensures that your final sound achieves maximum clarity without over-compression


  • Five state-of-the-art dynamics processors in one plugin
  • Gate and Compressor with dedicated HP/LP filters and an external sidechain option
  • Smooth Limiter with zero latency and sharp attack
  • Comprehensive DeEsser with pre/post-Compressor routing
  • C-weighted Leveler with an adjustable range
  • Zero latency
  • Low CPU consumption
  • Combined gain reduction meter for the Leveler, Compressor and Limiter
  • Fully compatible with touchscreens

The video features FOH engineer Ken 'Pooch' Van Druten (Linkin Park, Kid Rock, Kiss) introducing the new plug-in

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On offer at $149 (normally $299)

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