Sonic LAB: Softube HeartBeat Drum Instrument

Softube's first instrument explores vintage beats      22/10/15

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Softube's plug-ins are known for their quality, but not so much for being virtual instruments. Indeed Heartbeat is their first. It's aim is to provide classic electronic drum machine sounds in the vibe of the TR808 and TR909 (ish), but offers more exploration than they ever did, combining modelled sounds and waveforms into it's own spin on some of those classic voices.

Additionally, it's got a simple mixer plus effects - which include a model of the classic and under-used Valley People Dyna-Mite compressor, Filter Echo and TSR-1D Algorithmic Reverb, and the flexible Auto Layer Machine which adds timed (or not) voice layers and delay based triggers, which can be used to create a bit of additional chaos into the mix.

We asked Dan M Gadea, a self confessed beat addict, to take a look at the new offering.

Softube HEARTBEAT is available now VST,VST2, AAX and AU formats priced $219

It requires either an iLok dongle or iLok software license




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