Dave Smith Launches Prophet-6 Module

Vintage analog sound from a synth that's small enough to fit in a backpack      23/10/15

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Dave Smith tells us that the Sequential Prophet-6 desktop module is every bit as powerful and easy to use as its counterpart Prophet-6 Keyboard. He says that the module has all of the same controls as the keyboard version and provides the same immediacy and easy of use, with absolutely no menu diving. As with the Prophet-6 Keyboard, all parameters are at your fingertips, with full-sized knobs and switches and a comfortable, intuitive layout.

A spokesperson said, "It sounds awesome -- just like the keyboard, because on the inside, it's exactly the same. The same analog signal path with discrete VCOs and VCFs. The same high-quality digital effects. The same classic sound that has been earning raves from customers and reviewers alike... and you can poly chain any two Prophet-6's for 12 voice polyphony."

Pricing and Availability:
$2,199. Available late November.

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