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Version control, sounds and collaboration      27/10/15

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Buying Choices - Sounds 2 For 2 Offer are offering an exclusive promo to try out Splice Sounds yourself. Until November 30th, if you sign up for Splice Sounds using the promo code SONICSTATE2 you'll get 2 months for $2 (99c a month - usually $7.99/month). Pick and choose any 100 samples of your choice each month from their massive library of 2000+ sample packs from 30 labels. is one of the new breed of music creation web services that offers online backup and version control, a community based collaboration environment and recently launched Splice Sounds, as well as a plugin purchase and browsing service. Firstly is free to join - with a free account you get unlimited backup and version control in the cloud which integrates directly with the DAW. Supported DAWs are:Ableton Live, Logic Pro X, FL Studio and Garageband with more on the way.

The good news is that if you work in one of these supported DAWs, a free account gets you free unlimited back and version control. What this means in practice is that you can choose to have your projects backup to the cloud, with a slick version history. This allows for collaboration with other contributors, or remote working on more than one computer - studio, home, on the road etc.

The new paid Splice Sounds subscription service ($7.99/month) for 100 samples a month,  adds a vast set of samples and loops to the mix , where you can download just what you need, a sort of pick and mix of samples from well known labels (30 at last count). You don't need to use one of the supported DAWs to use this service.

Our reviewer Tosh from Wij Productions gives it a spin.

The project he created is available for you to tinker with, if you want to give it a try - search for Say Something.




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